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All Along the Watchtower

That is not an easy choice: But in this case I have to decide in favour of the cover version ofJimi Hendrix. His style of playing guitar is just sensational.
Bob Dylan was impressed by Jimis version of his song, too. So he even once played it during a concert in the style of Jimi Hendrix.
But I can't wait to see how you will vote...

Jimi Hendrix


Bob Dylan

CD-Cover: Jimi Hendrix - Electric Ladyland 65.6 % 34.4 % CD-Cover: Bob Dylan - John Wesley Harding
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Jimi Hendrix 7655 Votes Bob Dylan

Comments about All Along the Watchtower:

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I'm a bigger fan of Dylan than Hendrix by far, but I have to say, Hendrix's guitar work is incredible (as we all know) and the original kind of feels like it's missing something without it. Maybe because I heard Hendrix's first.
- Hayley, Alderson, United States, 2-.-0.2009
Dylan admitted Jimi's version is better. I like dylan's version too, a lot. But when the original artist admits a cover is better, well, I don't think you can argue that one
- Rico, Coral Springs, United States, 0-.-1.2008
This is one of the very, very few covers I thought was any good. I would almost be tempted to say Hendrix if it weren't for the power Dylan has in it live.
- Mat, Salt Lake, United States, 8-.-0.2008
et jimi qui semble s'etre tellement approprié la chanson qu'elle en devient sienne

- jimbo, saint-maurice, France, 7-.-0.2008
Hendrix puts a lot of shades on his version.
- Jon, Marikina, Philippines, Other, 6-.-0.2008
What about the U2 cover on Rattle and Hum?
- Lennart, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 5-.-0.2008
Even Dylan preferred Jimi's cover.
- Nancy, Chicago, United States, 5-.-0.2008
Are you kidding? Hendrix didn't even get the words right! "None of them along the line / Know what any of it is worth"!
- patrick, philadelphia, United States, 5-.-0.2008
Dylan wrote a great song, but Hendrix was the one to really bring it to the surface. Bear McCreary then topped them all with the version he did for Battlestar Galactica. That one brought out the apocalyptic nerve of it.
- Josh, Hartford, United States, 4-.-0.2008
Escuche por primera vez la version de Jimmy. No me la puedo imaginar de otra forma
- El Espanal, Palma de Mallorca, Spain, 4-.-0.2008
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