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All Along the Watchtower

That is not an easy choice: But in this case I have to decide in favour of the cover version ofJimi Hendrix. His style of playing guitar is just sensational.
Bob Dylan was impressed by Jimis version of his song, too. So he even once played it during a concert in the style of Jimi Hendrix.
But I can't wait to see how you will vote...

Jimi Hendrix


Bob Dylan

CD-Cover: Jimi Hendrix - Electric Ladyland 65.6 % 34.4 % CD-Cover: Bob Dylan - John Wesley Harding
Results of the voting: Cover versus Original
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Jimi Hendrix 7655 Votes Bob Dylan

Comments about All Along the Watchtower:

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AAGH! this one is hard to decide. id say bob, but have really no reason why. his voice is so uniqe, i had 2.
- CornW, over there, United States, 4-.-0.2006
Yes indeed, Sebastian Burtan Bach is a great guitar player. I've been to a few concerts he performed in Budapest and Prague and he really has smth to say in music. Just listen!
- Levin, Moscow, Other, 4-.-0.2006
You all shopuld listen to Sebastian Burtan's remake of this song. The man is incredible, his style an d guitar is absolutelly incredible. Sebastian is living now in Bucharest - Romania. He is 35 y.o and he's playing guitar since he was just a kid. You can contact him at
I'm sure you'll love it.
- Tony, Baltimore, United States, 4-.-0.2006
Dylan's original is lovely and like everything on JWH understated. But Hendrix's remake is a masterpiece. By the way, notice how the song ends "two riders were approaching, and the wind began to howl" and how it begins "there must be some way out of here said the joker to the thief". The end takes us right back to the beginning. No one writes better than Bob. And no one covered Bob better than Jimi.
- Pasquale, Hoboken, United States, 4-.-0.2006
Although I prefer Dylan's (and love both), this is probably the best cover of all time.
I'm a Dylan fanatic and he closes just about every show with this song in the Jimmi style. So even the greatest genius in rock seems to vote for Jimmi's blistering version.
- Kiki, Dallas, United States, 3-.-0.2006
they're so very different. i've always thought that if a performer takes a good song and does it the same way, it's just a cheap way of selling units. so you can't help but respect jimi's interpretation. and he went way out with it. but i'm voting for bobby, because it is such an original piece of work. and no doubt he didn't spend time reworking it. i get the impression he wrote it fast, figured out how it went and rolled tape. so there is this raw feeling to it.
- paul, durham, Canada, 2-.-0.2006
This song is the best song i´ve ever heard, it´s fantastic!!!
- Simon, Wolfsburg, Germany, 2-.-0.2006
Whoa! I wasn't even aware that this was a cover!! Hmm... and even after finding out that it is... I still prefer it to Dylan's version, but I guess that's a slightly biased perspective because I'm a huge Hendrix fan.
- Iva, Vancouver, Canada, 1-.-0.2006
Jimi's version is great; no doubt about it. Still, I favor Dylan's subtle, mysterious performance. I play the song every chance I get when back home in Armenia.
- Rex Chickeneater, Kisumu, Other - Africa, 1-.-0.2006
My favorite is the Dylan/Band live version from "Before the Flood." Talk about cooking. Robbie's guitar is ablaze.
- David, New York City, United States, 1-.-1.2005
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