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Black Magic Woman

So honestly have you known that? Yes, Black Magic Woman by Santana is only a cover version. The original song was written two years before by Fleetwood Mac.
However, Black Magic Woman became really famous in the version by Santana. And it is one of the hits from the wonderful and perhaps best Santana album Abraxas. But you should also listen to the original by Fleetwood Mac, it is a great song, too.



Fleetwood Mac

CD-Cover: Santana - Abraxas 48.4 % 51.6 % CD-Cover: Fleetwood Mac - Black Magic Woman
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Comments about Black Magic Woman:

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Peter Green gets my vote...If Peter Green had not written the song,santana would be cleaning toilets today...
As B.B King once said in his own words : "Sorry,Peter Green Is Best..."
I simply cannot compare the musicality of Peter Green with that of santana.There's no way that santana's version could surpass that of Peter Green's,I mean there are those exquisite solos from Green god that santana couldn't even dream of...
Peter Green,always gets my vote.
- Teo, London, England, 7-.-0.2007
Listen to Santana's version on Moonflower from 1977 and then reconsider your vote! Santana whips butt!
- Dino, Cape Town, South Africa, 6-.-0.2007
Both versions are fantastic; however, the original by Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac gets my vote.
- Bill, Memphis, United States, 5-.-0.2007
Peter Green was at the peak of his guitar majesty in his "original" Fleetwood Mac when he wrote & delivered the essential version of this song, a bluesy, south-of-the-border seduction of raw sensuality. Carlos only wishes he had those kind of chops. No wonder B.B. King famously said, from the stage in London, to a packed crowd of Brits, including Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck & Jimmy Page: "Peter Green's the best!"
- M. Cameron Boyd, Washington, DC, United States, 8-.-0.2006
Having listened to both as of tonight (only just heard the Santana cover) I respect Santana's cover, but must say that Fleetwood Mac comes out on top - what a great blues feel to the song.
- Tom, Boston, United States, 6-.-0.2006
The album Abraxas by Santana is a wonderful piece of music. Also Samba Pa Ti is included, my favourite song by Santana. But I must admit I didn't know that Black Magic Woman is not written by Carlos Santana. Thanks for the information. I will listen to the song by Fleetwood Mac, then I can compare.
- Lars, Malmoe, Sweden, 8-.-0.2005
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