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The song Easy is played in the radio nearly only in the version by Faith No More, at least here in Germany. However the original version by Lionel Ritchie and his band The Commodores is pretty old from the year 1977. But in fact Faith No More didn't change much in its version of this song. One guitar solo more and not so much more. For me this is not an important change, so I vote for Lionel Ritchie.

Faith No More


The Commodores

CD-Cover: Faith No More - Angel Dust 64.4 % 35.6 % CD-Cover: The Commodores - The Real Thing
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Faith No More 1495 Votes The Commodores

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It might be the ripping guitar solo, or the fact that Mike Patton seems to own it better than Richie does, but FTM's version is great. BTW, the song is on the Faith No More E.P. "Songs to Make Love To." not "Angel Dust." But Angel dust is their greatest album, so buy it anyway.
- Tyler, Atlanta, United States, 2-.-0.2006
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