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I Shot the Sheriff

Good song from both artists. Personally I like the cover version by Eric Clapton better, but that is a matter of taste. By the way 'I Shot the Sheriff' was the only number one hit in the US-Charts from Eric Clapton in his career (so far). And Clapton created lots of classic songs.
So: Compliment to Bob Marley for his composition, thanks to Eric Clapton for his interpretation of this song.

Eric Clapton


Bob Marley

CD-Cover: Eric Clapton - 461 Ocean Boulevard 42.2 % 57.8 % CD-Cover: Bob Marley - Burnin'
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Comments about I Shot the Sheriff:

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Im gonna have to say I like clapton's version better. It was obviously better produced. The instrumentation is much better and much more full, same with the vocals/harmonies.
- Keith, Medford, United States, 8-.-0.2011
Eric Clapton is competition, but Bob is better :)
- Kacka, Jindřichův Headec, Czech Republic, 3-.-0.2011
- YARDBIRDS, CLAPTON, United States, 2-.-0.2011
Marley, Clapton?
May be it is the old national USA's song?
It seems to me, that marley/clapton both only the rewriters.
The root of this song is in the root of USA's history.
If it so - its the great song.

- JFKD, MSK, Other, 1-.-1.2010
I'm going with Clapton's version but they are so different that they are hard to compare apples to apples. Clapton's version is in more of a slick urban blues style as compared to Marley's straight reggae and they evoke completely different settings.
- JD, Atlanta, Ga, United States, 0-.-1.2010
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- Grimace, McDonalds, United States, 0-.-1.2010
Compared to the context and the performance of the original, Clapton's pallid slickness is fairly embarrassing.
- Rob L., Vancouver, United States, 8-.-0.2010
There's a unique relation between the drum and the base in Marley and the Wailers' version. I chose the original :)
- Stef, Sofiq, Bulgaria, 6-.-0.2010
Bob Marley Hands Down, i'm glad clapton brought it to wider audience but Bob's version tells the story better and sounds much more funky and interesting.
- Jemaine, Melbourne, Australia, 2-.-0.2010
The fact that Clapton has everyone questioning who wrote the song is testament to the justice he did to the song. Bob Marley's version is obviously superior but Eric Clapton's parallels it as well.
- Youngkenya, Nairobi, Other, 1-.-0.2010
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