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I Shot the Sheriff

Good song from both artists. Personally I like the cover version by Eric Clapton better, but that is a matter of taste. By the way 'I Shot the Sheriff' was the only number one hit in the US-Charts from Eric Clapton in his career (so far). And Clapton created lots of classic songs.
So: Compliment to Bob Marley for his composition, thanks to Eric Clapton for his interpretation of this song.

Eric Clapton


Bob Marley

CD-Cover: Eric Clapton - 461 Ocean Boulevard 42.2 % 57.8 % CD-Cover: Bob Marley - Burnin'
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Comments about I Shot the Sheriff:

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Love both versions equally, but since Marley wrote the song and first played it, I gave the edge to him.
- Sam, Cheyenne, United States, 9-.-0.2006
My Friends,
You can compare and contrast two brilliant versions of this classic song. But ultimately the two versions are stand alone pieces. It can be said that Picaso and Dali painted the same objects but from two different perspectives with different interpetations. Both were great. Same with this song. I love both versions. Isn't this a bit like choosing between two beloved children?
- The Chairman, San Diego, United States, 8-.-0.2006
- Herby, Palm Harbor, United States, 7-.-0.2006
Bob Marley is the man!

- 41er, Berlin City, Germany, 6-.-0.2006
Bob's orignal is more exciting, more vibrant, more "this just happened" ... this is also far more true to the roots of the reggae beat than Eric's version.

Eric was more fluid, more consistent a bit more mellow ... it did not capture the spirit of the Bob's original.

Both are good but I have to give the nod to Bob.
- Alex, Ottawa, Canada, 5-.-0.2006
Bobs was waaaaaaaay doper eric claptons just a silly little white boy long live the rasta man bitches
- Jimmy, Perth, Australia, 5-.-0.2006
You know, it would have made sense if Eric Clapton had written the song as part of his "non-blues" repertoire and Bob Marley had picked it up because it fit his style. But the other way around?? This is a Bob Marley song all the way, and it's not as if Clapton really added anything special (maybe like some kind of memorable guitar licks). The non-blues never really were his thing, anyway.
- Billy, Naples, United States, 3-.-0.2006
Boombaclaats! To compare Eric Clapton's version, to Bob's is like comparing 'tea time' to 4:20. Unnastaaand? But dem both cool. Brixton to Negril...every-ting iiiiiriieeeee.

- Russtaman, Mad Beach...yes I, United States, 2-.-0.2006
The complexity of the riddim, the lead vocals, the backup vocals, etc. were superior in Marley's composition/performances. I also enjoyed the addition of the electric guitar, etc. in some of his live performances.
- Ralph, Fresno, United States, 1-.-0.2006
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