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Knockin' on Heaven's Door

In this case the decision is quite difficult for me. On the one hand so many bands covered this great song, but Guns 'n' Roses created the best cover version. On the other hand the original version by Bob Dylan fits in my opinion better to this song.
So finally my winner here is Bob Dylan.

Guns 'n' Roses


Bob Dylan

CD-Cover: Guns 'n' Roses - Use Your Illusion II 52.3 % 47.7 % CD-Cover: Bob Dylan - Pat Garrett And Billy The Kid
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Guns 'n' Roses 8461 Votes Bob Dylan

Comments about Knockin' on Heaven's Door:

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"I love Rock N' Roll, and I love it heavy Guns N' Roses makes Knockin' on Heaven's Door a great song. Bob dylan makes his own song, sound like a stoner sings it."
- Wyatt B. Terviel, Rapid City S.D., United States, 5-.-0.2010
Guns N' Roses' version is better than Bob's version. It has a more powerful sound.
- Agustín, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2-.-1.2009
very tough decision, i love dylan and guns n roses, both are in my top artists and both do good versions of this song but I think i have to go with guns and roses it sounds damn good but then again so does dylan
- a, b, United States, 1-.-1.2009
Dylan is old and me too, but in this case I vote for G'n'R!
- MT_Anthony, Budapest, Hungary, 9-.-0.2009
they both are great, in fact they are my favourite musicians
- diego, mexico city, Mexico, 7-.-0.2009
Man, I just don't like Dylan...
- Jordi, Mexico City, Mexico, 7-.-0.2009
In my opinion, it's Bob Dylan's version, wich's the best.
- Yes maybe he is one of the best musicians in the world, but in my case I think that, the original versions of all songs is the best. But "Knockin' on Heavens door" is one of the most covered songs in the world.
- Daniel C.F. Skinbjerg, Odense, Denmark, 7-.-0.2009
Guns and Roses did the spaghetti incdient, novemeber rain and chinese democracy....

but they were an incredible band despite all that and this cover is brilliant, absolutely brilliant, and as good as the original is ill give it to GNR
- Eddie, Chepstow, Wales, 5-.-0.2009
yeah yeah. im a fan of GnR and all. but Bob is prbly the best musician ever so i guess its bobby :P
- adasf, asfasdf, Australia, 5-.-0.2009
I love GnR (original line up). Bob Dylan does this song better, I'm sorry.
- Evan, Regina, Canada, 4-.-0.2009
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