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Rocket Man

This is one of my favourite cover versions. The interpretation of "Rocket Man" by William Shatner alias Captain Kirk is brilliant in my opinion. There is so much atmosphere in this version, much more than in Elton John's original. I think it was not published on a CD, at least I couldn't find it. William Shatner has just performed it on the Science Fiction Film Award ceremony in 1978. So if you click on the image, you can see the movie clip. It is really worth viewing it (6.8 MB).
Keep on going, William Shatner: You really Rocked It Man!

- Michael Müller, Hamburg, Deutschland, 26.10.2005

William Shatner


Elton John

CD-Cover: William Shatner - Movie: Rocket Man Video 47.7 % 52.3 % CD-Cover: Elton John - Honky Chateau
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William Shatner 744 Votes Elton John

Further information about song and bands:

Here you can find a transcription of Shatner's version, which tries to describe Shatner's rhythm and accentuation - quite funny.
Family Guy
A paraody on Shatner's version was made 25 years later by the Family Guy Crew. Here you can see Stewie in this clip.
Elton John's
Musical History
We don't want to forget Elton John. Here you can find the complete musical history of Elton John. An excellent and very comprehensive site!

Comments about Rocket Man:

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Elton John is fresh offa the Muppet Show!
Has Shatner been with Kermit, Gonzo, Miss Piggy and others?
- Katherine, Fort Worth , United States, 04.11.2011
Actually I think Kate Bush's version is the best. But Shatner's is better than Elton's.
- Mark, Luling, United States, 30.05.2011
The Mickey Mouse Club (starring Elton John)-15.0
Star Trek (hate William Shatner)-0.002
- Katherine , Fort Worth, United States, 11.12.2010
Shatner's great and he's Canadian BTW, but Elton's version is better. Still love Shatner though.
- Malky, Glasgow, Scotland, 01.06.2010
Elton's not a joke! and his versions way better!
- nowhereman, nowhereland, United States, 07.06.2008
I get it...I get jokes!

Actually I think Bill Shat did a better job on Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds. Incredible! Reminds me of Shelley reciting Ode to The West Wind.

Of course, Bill was standing naked on the deck of the USS Enterprise, flying on 2 hits of Owsley Orange Sunshine when he recorded it, so anything less than the mind blowing performance he gave would have been a shocker.

Anybody here dig the Sebastian Cabot version of "Like a Rolling Stone"? Most superlative!
- Mucho Moss, San Narcisco, United States, 14.05.2008
elton john is a joke. shatner is the most talented american since aaron burr.
- bernie bernbaum, chicago, Denmark, 18.05.2007
elton john is a joke. shatner is the most talented american since aaron burr.
- bernie bernbaum, chicago, Denmark, 18.05.2007
The link isn't working! Bill Shatner is awesome!
- SammyDKat, Los Angeles, United States, 14.03.2007
William Shatner rocks!
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- Torrie Crocker, San Diego, United States, 29.10.2006
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