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Smooth Criminal

Thanks for this proposal, Tom. I have to admit, when I first read the name of the song, I didn't know which song it is. But then I started listening to it and I recognized it of course. But that the version by Alien Ant Farm is only a cover version and that Michael Jackson wrote the original, I haven't known so far. But you live and learn.
However, I like this song. But I'm not a big fan of Michael Jackson. So my vote goes to Alien Ant Farm.

Alien Ant Farm


Michael Jackson

CD-Cover: Alien Ant Farm - Anthology 49.9 % 50.1 % CD-Cover: Michael Jackson - Bad
Results of the voting: Cover versus Original
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Alien Ant Farm 8721 Votes Michael Jackson

Comments about Smooth Criminal:

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u are a dumb ass mexican...... who the hell is alien ant farm????? dumb shit
- Jerry MFD, fenton, United States, 3-.-0.2010
Who the hell is Alien Ant Farm?
- gUHD, Hermosillo, Mexico, 2-.-0.2010
Oh and another comment, AAF's version was just a one-hit-wonder, and that "wonder" is an MJ song. Odd? I don't think so, MJ has proven himself many times and he's one of the best entertainers ever.
Plus the original version is still much more popular than the cover. =P
- Mike, -BLANK-, United States, 2-.-0.2010
AAF's version is a nice cover but MJ's original Smooth Criminal is WAY better and I don't think it can be improved.
- Mike, -BLANK-, England, 2-.-0.2010
i like it
- 7KK8, sdasgfdgds, United States, 2-.-1.2009
Michael Jackson is the best singer in the world EWER!!!!!!!!!!!!
- Michael, Cirik Ctiy, Serbia, 2-.-1.2009
Michael Jacksons video is very good with the dancing etc but i much prefer Alien Ant Farm's version, it sound much more gritty with a lot more definition
- sylvia, brisbane, Australia, 1-.-1.2009
this is a really tough one. I like both versions, the AAF has some great sounding guitar in it but MJ can sure sing the crap out of this fast paced song
- a, b, United States, 1-.-1.2009
I've only heard the AAF version a couple of times now. I do like some of the guitar rifs but as far as the vocals MJ is the hands down winner. AAF struggles a little with the quick repetition of "Annie ar you ok" part.

I appreciate AAF's cover, just as I did the covers on Thriller 25, and they do grow on you, but honestly these songs are untouchable as the originals are part of Americana fiber.
- Steve, Salt Lake City, United States, 1-.-1.2009
Although this isn't always the case it is now, the ORIGINAL is BETTER. While the AAF version is nice tribute to the original nothing beats the way MJ put it down. AAF's version will forever be linked to a guy crazy gluing his hand to his johnson while MJ's version will be linked to one of the greatest artists ever.
- MJ is THE MAN, I-ton, United States, 9-.-0.2009
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