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Smooth Criminal

Thanks for this proposal, Tom. I have to admit, when I first read the name of the song, I didn't know which song it is. But then I started listening to it and I recognized it of course. But that the version by Alien Ant Farm is only a cover version and that Michael Jackson wrote the original, I haven't known so far. But you live and learn.
However, I like this song. But I'm not a big fan of Michael Jackson. So my vote goes to Alien Ant Farm.

Alien Ant Farm


Michael Jackson

CD-Cover: Alien Ant Farm - Anthology 49.9 % 50.1 % CD-Cover: Michael Jackson - Bad
Results of the voting: Cover versus Original
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Alien Ant Farm 8721 Votes Michael Jackson

Comments about Smooth Criminal:

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Wow, we sure do have a lot of fucking morons voting in this poll. AAF seems to be winning. Probably biased pricks who've fallen under the belief of MJ's bad image, or rockers who masturbate to the sight of an electric guitar. Bottom line: anyone who has seen the full 10 minute Michael Jackson Smooth Criminal video and doesn't think that MJ fuckin' owns it is a stupid piece of shit.

And no, AAF doesn't "take the cake" just because they won a poll. If we're basing this on a popularity contest, more people bought into MJ's Smooth Criminal back when it was released, which is what counts.
- Sid, Oak Creek, United States, 1-.-1.2007
Even if Michael Jackson has done anything wrong you should be voting on the song and not how you feel about him. Personally I like both but prefer the MJ version, and how can anyone say that the video is s%$t its ace! Shamon!
- Claire, Rotherham, England, 1-.-1.2007
How the #¤%&"# can anyone think that Alien Ant Farm's version even comes near the original? I agree with Zappafan that some covers should never have been made. OK: Alien Ant Farm brought some of the punk-teenagers over to maybe appreciating Jacksons material, but I doubt they had any artistic approach in making the cover, other than bringing the fuzz to the party, and making money doing it.

I am currently working on a scientific study on the matter of covers, and I am shocked by many of the results on this site.
- BMK, Kristiansand, Norway, 0-.-1.2007
As a person, I can't stand Micheal Jackson or like most of his music. But personal feelings aside (and setting aside for a moment his pedophilic tendencies) I've based my vote on artistic merit, presentation, raw talent, and production. Alien Ant Farm did a good cover: B+. But Michael Jackson's still is better, more credible: A+
- Les, Chicago, United States, 0-.-1.2007
i like alien ant farm's version better coz micheal jackson is just a gay poofter
- toni, clifton, Australia, 9-.-0.2007
meachal jackson just made this song uba gay and he is a black white supreamisuse
- Mitchel, clifton, Australia, 9-.-0.2007
how can you possible like the alien ant farm. the michael jackson orgiinal is on of the best. the cover is just shouting. the michael jackson is so muhc better
- Tanvir, london, England, 7-.-0.2007
I prefer the MJ-Version. I don't care about his "crimes" or whatever, but in my Opinion his version is just...well...smoother!
- Gianni, Paris (Tx), United States, 6-.-0.2007
- Arielle, NY, United States, 6-.-0.2007
i personally liked the AAF version of smooth criminal better..but thats probably because im from a different generation that the michael jackson version of the song.. but there is so many other factors you hav to consider in order for it to be an accutate vote because.. honestly.. how many people even like michael jackson after the whole going on trial for well.. u kno.. and even tho proven not guilty... its hard to recover your reputation after something like that.. but then people that grew up listening to michael jackson.. are most likely to pick his version... because.. they grew up with it.. so.. yea.
- Madison, Gayville, United States, 5-.-0.2007
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