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Personal Jesus

The Johnny Cash cover is a blues/boogie-woogie version featuring acoustic guitars and piano. Of course everyone knows the Depeche Mode style, I assume.

- Dave, Huntington, WV, United States, 04.02.2006

Johnny Cash


Depeche Mode

CD-Cover: Johnny Cash - American IV: The Man Comes Around 52.6 % 47.4 % CD-Cover: Depeche Mode - Violator
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Comments about Personal Jesus:

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I don't like Cash's version, even though I'm a huge cash fan and not a depeche mode fan at all.
- Decko, Waterford, Ireland, 06.03.2008
both are great nut Jonny is the best !! His voice touch our souls.
- Roger FÍSICO, Campinas, Brazil, 25.08.2007
Cash is my favorite musician of all times. He is brilliant, and as everything else he touches this cover is genius. I am a great depeche fan aswell, but in this case my vote definently goes to Cash. the memory of Cash will live forever!!!!
- Rikke, Aarhus, Denmark, 07.08.2007
Cash is the man. I agree, he plays the guitar with respect. But depeche mode wrote it and perform it the way its meant to be. I'm a fan of both!
- Nulty, Dublin, Ireland, 30.06.2007
Johnny Cash has made a really good work covering Personal Jesus and I like his voice and the way he plays the guitar: very dark.
However I prefer the original one
- Charlie, Gioia del Colle, BA, United States, 04.04.2007
There's not much I really like about Johnny Cash, but I have to admire that he covered a Depeche Mode song. Not that it was *better*... but kudos for doing it.
- Salvar, Arcata, United States, 02.04.2007
I'm not a Depeche fan, but Personal Jesus is a great song and did leave a considerate impression on me when i first heard it. But when I heard Johnny Cash's version I was completely blown away! My vote is definitely on Cash.
- Katarina, Stockholm, Sweden, 23.03.2007
Personally I like the Depeche Mode version better. But I also like the Cash version very much. So it is a hard choice between these two versions. But what I believe is being over looked is the Marilyn Manson version. Personally I think that is the best version of them all. Most of you probably won't agree with me though.
- Mitchell, Eastern Passage, Canada, 15.03.2007
I can't vote on this one. It's a 50-50 split for me.
- Chris Davis, Baron in the Beans, England, 04.03.2007
I love the Johnny Cash cover of this timeless classic. Its dark and moody, Cash at his best!
- IAN, NEWCASTLE, England, 08.02.2007
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