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I hung my Head

That way you make a song, that gives you the creep, of an average song with good lyrics!

- Rocko, Nürnberg, Deutschland, 13.02.2006

Johnny Cash



CD-Cover: Johnny Cash - American IV: The Man comes around 69.8 % 30.2 % CD-Cover: Sting - Mercury Falling
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While Sting wrote this great song, it is Cash that nails it. So good for both of them.
- Benny O, London, England, 26.05.2007
Both of these musicians are singing from the heart, and who gives a damn what meter its in. Who gives a damn who can play "Giant Steps" and who can play "Sweet Home Alabama." No question, Sting knows more about harmony, time, istrumentation, and god knows what else, but its obvious to me he's not thinkin bout all that. He's writing and singing songs. To me its not about what you can do, but what you can do with what you have(know). They are both equal it that aspect.

Im still asking myself why im wasting my time but, ive read so many ignorant comments here I thougt I might add my own ignorant comment. I dont think Sting changed the time because he was "bored." If Sting was bored, he would probably write another song. Cash would probably do the same. Maybe he actually heard it like that because he has checked out more of a variety of music than Cash.

Cash was singing like he heard it, and so was Sting. Im sure the main reason Cash chose to INTERPRET the song in the first place was because it was a great song that, just so happend, Sting WROTE THE WAY HE FELT IT. I find the original more iteresting, but I feel both of them deeply.
- Donnie, Florida, United States, 12.05.2007
As some who is a real jazz fan but also a (recorded) songwriter in the folk vein, I think I'm in a position to comment on the statement "There is more music and lyric on any one Sting CD than Johnny achieved in a lifetime. "

That statement is ignorant, pure and simple. Sting has more TECHNICAL knowledge of music than Cash does. But that's only a small part of what it is to make music that communicates deeply. In that regard, Sting has his moments, but Cash wins overall.
- Gary Robinson, Bangor, ME, United States, 30.04.2007
I first heard this song in 96 when Sting released it. It quickly became one of my favorites. That entire “Mercury Falling” CD is brilliant just like “Ten Sumner’s Tales”. I think it's hilarious that the average American thinks that Johnny has even 1/1000th the talent Sting does. There is more music and lyric on any one Sting CD than Johnny achieved in a lifetime. I think you can actually synchronize bumps in the road with the rhythm of most Cash songs (and all four chords he knew). I'm sorry, but the only reason Johnny makes you think he's really feeling the lyric is because he was freakin dying when he recorded it, just like with "Hurt".
If you enjoy the sound of people suffering, maybe you should think about volunteering with hospice.

- 1lifeforce, Lenexa, KS, United States, 06.04.2007
I have to say, those of you who can't get the emotion from the Sting version seem to be missing the point a little.

This isn't a shame song, it's a redemption song. The 9/8 time just adds that extra bit of queezyness to really make the complex emotion hit home. There's just as much joy as regret in the man realizing what's happened and what's happening, as we listen to him 'reflect' on the story.

I think Cash covers it as more of a shame song, telling the story from an as it happens sort of standpoint, which is equally amazing, the 4/4 time better supports the more straight forward emotion the song evokes, excellent.

I love them both and I think pitting one against the other, when dealing with talent as great as that of these guys, is pretty pointless. That being said, Sting wrote the song, so one up for him.
- Big Mike, Halifax, Canada, 03.03.2007
I actually like them both but prefer the Sting version although I think it is probably more a song suited to Cash. But it's Sting for me, his has that extra something too it!
- Brian Singleton, Plymouth, England, 25.02.2007
I BELIEVE Johnny Cash shot this man... I don't BELIEVE Sting shot this man.
- David, Grapevine, TX, United States, 04.02.2007
Johnny Cash - hands down. Sting's version sounds like he was bored, and so decided to put the song in a 9/8 signature. Meaningless. Unrewarding. Johnny Cash puts his soul into the music and lets it speak for itself. Kudos to Sting for writing such a killer song, but shame on him for showing off needlessly.
- Rob, Louisville, United States, 13.11.2006
very good cover. credit sting for the beautiful song but give cash credit for making it feel like it happened to him. It would be better to see cash sing it in it original time signature but not sure johnny had the musical ability of sting.
- Shaunfunk, Sea Girt NJ, United States, 16.10.2006
I've heard Cash's cover of the song before the Sting Original, and I have to say, Stings original sounds like the cover of Cash's version.
I was heartbroken when i learned that this song was not a Cash original, because it sounds like something Cash would write.

Cash beats Sting, hands down. Sting get off the stage.
- Tyler, Kaukauna, United States, 29.09.2006
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