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It's My Life

I never understood why No Doubt is considered to be a throw-back to the 80's.

- Matt, New York, United States, 28.10.2005

No Doubt


Talk Talk

CD-Cover: No Doubt - The Singles: 1992-2003 39.9 % 60.1 % CD-Cover: Talk Talk - It's My Life
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Comments about It's My Life:

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la verdad no sabia que ese tema no era de no doubt, ambos son muy buenos , aunque creo que la version de No Doubt esta bastante mejorada con respecto a la original tiene mucho mas ritmo y no es tan monotono como la version del 84, pero el merito de haber sido creada por esa banda no se lo quita nadie
me gustan ambos
- No DoubteR, la concha de la lora, Argentina, 12.04.2008
Talk Talk of course!!! However as we see new bands often butchering classic songs, I think No Doubt did quite a nice job of it in their own right.
- Dirk Digler, San Francisco, United States, 17.02.2008
Talk Talk for sure!
- Mads, Sonderborg, Denmark, 21.11.2007
I'm feeling No Doubt's version better. The original has some really crap vocals, very throaty. The video accompanying the cover is one of the best to have been put out this decade.
- Brian Otano, Brooklyn, United States, 07.11.2007
beginning with the notion of "making a cover" from a song, to me it has to be that the original one has to have all credits for the superiority - in all that matters in a song's quality - of the song. Can a cover be more interesting. It's just a question about like or dislike the kind... Because the song remains the same. To me it all goes to Talk Talk. Though No Doubt did well with it, yes, but where's the innovation, the creativity.
- Marie-Ève, Quebec, Canada, 13.10.2007
The original is definitely one of the best songs ever made. The cover lacks the heart of it.
- Jennifer, Vancouver, Canada, 17.05.2007
I prefer them both. Originals lyrics with the covers bassline (I know it's the same but the cover has a lot more energy and annoys my neighbours more than any sound known to man).
- Ralph Hardwick, Southpor, England, 08.02.2007
I think the original is very very good. But I voted for no doubt. Maybe because I like the band. Sorry, but this is how I feel. I love Tony Kanals bass lines on the cover. Talk talk should be commended for writing the song in the first place.
- Ampao64, New York, United States, 31.01.2007
Troy said "No Doubt GETS 80's music", but Talk Talk weren't just some 80s band, they had depth that went way beyond their supposed peers and that's evident in their later albums. If No Doubt's version WAS the perfect 80s cover, it'd still be a disservice to the original. As for Gwen - don't see the appeal, myself.
- Goatboy, Scarborough, England, 27.01.2007
The original was a great song, but sounds dated. Generally I don't like covers, but the No Doubt version is better, it has more depth. No Doubt just gets it.
- M Rolland, Toronto, Canada, 15.01.2007
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