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Turn The Page

I think that both artists did a good job on "Turn The Page". The heavy style from Metallica fits quite well to this song. But I like the calm-country-style version by Bob Seger better.
So what is your opinion? I can imagine that lots of younger people don't even know the original version by Bob Seger. So take the chance and listen to this great song.



Bob Seger

CD-Cover: Metallica - Garage Inc 56.7 % 43.3 % CD-Cover: Bob Seger - Greatest Hits
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Metallica 4268 Votes Bob Seger

Further information about the bands:

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Metallica World A superb fan page about Metallica. Biographies, lyrics, pictures and much more. Included is also a list of cover songs by Metallica.

Comments about Turn The Page:

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i like metallica's version better but bob seger's version is also awesome
- Malachy, Belnaleck, Fermanagh, Ireland, Other - Europe, 3-.-0.2010
i like metallica's version better but bob seger's version is also awesome
- Malachy, Belnaleck, Fermanagh, Ireland, Other - Europe, 3-.-0.2010
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Both are in and BOTH are equally exceptional musicians/bands. A true lover a music understands both sides and the value of each performance.

For everyone who loves Seger take it as a compliment that another entity covered your musicians song. Take it as a complement that people are even still talking of Bob Seger and reason being that people cover his stuff. Remember how will the world ever know his music if someone does not introduce the old music to the new musicians.

And for those who adore something heavier dont forget all those musicians that came before.

Go Metallica!!! NYC November 2009!!! See you there!!!
WP will be there in FULL FORCE!!!

- Adam , METAL LAND , United States, 9-.-0.2009
you have got to be kidding me blasphamy nobody does this song like bob seger and nobody ever will!!!!!!
- caren, chattanooga, United States, 9-.-0.2009
Hah, didn't even know this wasn't originally by Metallica..

Having listened to Seger's version, I think I still like Metallica's better, since the more upbeat really fits the emotions, but it's a definitely close contest.
- Tom, Oldenzaal, Netherlands, 6-.-0.2009
Both are good but I think I like Metallica version better.I like Metallica take on it more and it's kind of heavy.
- Chris, Houston, United States, 4-.-0.2009
I'm all with you Nathalie. Both are good, I kind of like more Seger version, but depends on the mood too.

as for rude comments, indeed.. that's out of place!
- Eric, Montréal, Canada, 3-.-0.2009
in soviet russia bob segar sucks u
- vladimir , skovich, United States, 3-.-0.2009
A Hinger dinger dinger!
- Leaf Erickson, Bolscevich, Iceland, 3-.-0.2009
this is the real seth barnes and i completly disagree bob segar and MOTLEY POO SUCK blake, metallica ROCKS!!!!
- Seth Barnes, Ropesville tx, United States, 3-.-0.2009
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