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Turn The Page

I think that both artists did a good job on "Turn The Page". The heavy style from Metallica fits quite well to this song. But I like the calm-country-style version by Bob Seger better.
So what is your opinion? I can imagine that lots of younger people don't even know the original version by Bob Seger. So take the chance and listen to this great song.



Bob Seger

CD-Cover: Metallica - Garage Inc 56.7 % 43.3 % CD-Cover: Bob Seger - Greatest Hits
Results of the voting: Cover versus Original
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Metallica 4268 Votes Bob Seger

Further information about the bands:

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Comments about Turn The Page:

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ok well, I like Metallica but no one can touch Bob Seger. He is a classic and there is no improvement needed. To each his own I suppose. And the good side is that many people who have never heard of Bob Seger will now be exposed to his talents as a writer. He is an awesome singer/songrwriter. To me there just is nothing to compare.
- Shannon Kochis, Lubbock, United States, 8-.-0.2008
Well I like both versions of the song. Metallica's is more for when I wanna just crank it up & just rock out! Seger's version is better to just sit back & get caught up in the lyrics & the meaning of the song. My vote went to Seger because he wrote the song, Seger has a better voice, & the whole stripper/prostitute video is kinda lame. The song is more meanigful when it is about a struggling musician always on the road trying to make it big. Plus, I think the sax solo is bad ass!! It was pretty close, but I do believe the original is better.
- Stiner, Fenton, United States, 7-.-0.2008
I'm an old guy -- listened and liked Seger's version when it first came out. However, I like Metallica's more. BTW, no need to flame people because they don't agree with you about your taste in music, that's what it's all about!
- Not, Me, United States, 6-.-0.2008
i respect them both for doing it well, but i respect seger more for actually writing it. metallicas cover is just that a COVER which means they probably like segers version more than thier own, i mean if u had a band u wouldnt cover a song you hated right? anyway, this is just like the ksengage/dio thing and i vote the same. i prefer the original, but not that metallica sucks f'[k yeah they rule, i just think that segers version is more sad, i love metallica and seger, and am amazed at both their skills, ps Savatage rules
- dustinio, cleveland, United States, 6-.-0.2008
go f**ck urself u happy go lucky di**heads...i cant blieve couples dancing to such a song...the metallica version gives meaning to it...and dats wat is needed!
- ivan, kolkata, India, 5-.-0.2008
All you Metallica naysayers, well how do I say this in the most polite terms.....???? GO FUCK YOURSELVES OFF A CLIFF!!!!! While Bob Seger's version is kicking, Metallica thru out that whiney saxophone and gave it just the kick it needed. There's something a little more haunting about Kirk's electric than the sax, and personally I think it gives it a more desolate feel to it. I've seen couples dancing to the song in bars, but not once for Metallica. It's because Metallica uses a different scenario - the whole prostitute thing. To me, after watching that it made the song even more depressing. Now I admit, I like both and there's a time and place for the whole country swing to it, but by and far I crank Metallica's version more often than Bob's. Metallica did an outstanding job covering a timeless classic, and making it there own. And that's what it's all about, YOU CUM-SUCKING-COCK-HOLSTERS! Duh, Metallica made it sound like Metallica.. any 3rd grade N*gger could figure that out.... and if I'm not mistaken, Metallica is the king of all cover bands, only Beatallica could ever rival them.... FUCK OFF METALLICA HATERS, NO, KEEP HATING, CAUSE MY FAVORITE BAND OF ALL TIME IS NOW WHAT THEY USED TO BE, UNDERGROUND AND HATED, HATED, HATED! GO FIND YOURSELVES ANOTHER BAND.

-"We'll NEVER stop, we'll NEVER quit...cuz we're METALLICA!!!"
- Jesse, San Diego, United States, 5-.-0.2008
Bob Seger's song is great, but Metallica brings an edge to the song. My vote goes to the cover version.
- Giuseppe, Bucharest, Romania, 4-.-0.2008
There is a band in Holland, called JR Band, who did a real good job at covering this song... I heard it for the first time, 8 years ago and I just love it! I wished I could find a sample, but too sad... Nothing. Just believe me ;)
- Laura, Utrecht, Netherlands, 4-.-0.2008
well, I've just today realized (after listening to one of our radio stations) that "turn the page" was not original metallica song. after some searching found one Bob Seger concert version on youtube.
Great one! REALLY, REALLY great one! and to me - way better than the cover.
- Mayday, Varna, Bulgaria, 4-.-0.2008
Metallica can go fuck a horse. Each and every Metallica song sounds exactly the same. Bob Seger did it first, and he did it better. What's ridiculous is that Metallica has quite a few of these cover songs thats seem to sound EXACTLY like their own song. Do you think they ever get tired of the same lousy chord progression and metal drum beats? I'm sure homeless people are pretty fucking tired of being homeless... I can't believe you people. After voting for Metallica, please follow my instructions: 1. Get on a riding lawn mower at 1:30 AM. 2. Engage the blade. 3.Drive directly into oncoming traffic on a major highway. 4(if necessary). Tie yourself to the rear axel of a Fedex delivery truck.
- Patrick M., St. Louis, United States, 2-.-0.2008
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