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Turn The Page

I think that both artists did a good job on "Turn The Page". The heavy style from Metallica fits quite well to this song. But I like the calm-country-style version by Bob Seger better.
So what is your opinion? I can imagine that lots of younger people don't even know the original version by Bob Seger. So take the chance and listen to this great song.



Bob Seger

CD-Cover: Metallica - Garage Inc 56.7 % 43.3 % CD-Cover: Bob Seger - Greatest Hits
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Metallica 4268 Votes Bob Seger

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Comments about Turn The Page:

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I like Metallicas version but it is no where near the intensity of Bobs, I don't like how they get rid of the horns and Segers tortured cries at the end of the song are not topped by Hetfields. And yes idiot Seger had plenty of good songs
- Jim, Rome, United States, 1-.-0.2008
I remember telling my friend that Metallica did a cool cover of a Bob Sieger song, and he replied that there wasn't any cool Bob Sieger songs. Metallica does a wicked job with this song and really brings it alive. Sounds great loud!
- rekounas, Saint John, Canada, 2-.-1.2007
The Metallica version of the song had more intensity in it
and in addition to that it also had a good metallic touch
also the vocals were in line with the music
- Pratik, Mumbai, India, 8-.-0.2007
Both are great, however, here in Australia we grew up we a cover by a guy called John English who topped the charts with it in 1977. It's such agreat song it would be hard to srew it up!
- Colin, Sydney, Australia, 8-.-0.2007
+1 to the previous comment
Metallica version is good, but Bob Seger's version to me is more intensive
- gigabass, Ratingen, Germany, 7-.-0.2007
Both are excellent interpretations in their own way. But the quiet delivery by Bob, to me, illustrates the lonely time on the road...the unwanted time for introspection and lack of connection to anyone anywhere. Quiet desperation even.
- Angela, Blacksburg, VA, United States, 4-.-0.2007
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I realy like 'em both, each one has its unique power and rhythmic purty.
- sabrine, soliman, Other, 2-.-0.2007
I like Seger's version, but Metallica takes it and just turns it into an epic song that really evokes the long stretches of blank, dusty road that stare down anyone who's ever traveled a few hundred miles through America's interstate system. Maybe it's just me, but a soaring lead guitar can create a sensation of wide open space like no other instrument.
- Steve, Boston, United States, 1-.-0.2007
bob segers is better metallica turned it into something its not its kinda like that country singer covering lips of an angel by hinder.. real dumb.. just dont cross that line..
- lonnie, oklahoma, United States, 1-.-0.2007
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