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Turn The Page

I think that both artists did a good job on "Turn The Page". The heavy style from Metallica fits quite well to this song. But I like the calm-country-style version by Bob Seger better.
So what is your opinion? I can imagine that lots of younger people don't even know the original version by Bob Seger. So take the chance and listen to this great song.



Bob Seger

CD-Cover: Metallica - Garage Inc 56.7 % 43.3 % CD-Cover: Bob Seger - Greatest Hits
Results of the voting: Cover versus Original
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Metallica 4268 Votes Bob Seger

Further information about the bands:

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Comments about Turn The Page:

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its all the shit ....layed back stoner song...its really cool i luv it...!!!!!!666
- ricky, sayre ok, United States, 1-.-0.2007
this song the shit by bob seger ...stoner song lol
- ricky, sayre, United States, 1-.-0.2007
bobs version is shit hot, but metallicas is just totally legendary. how the hell can u say metallicas sucks? its awesome!!! just diferent. u cant really compare them cos ther so different, but i voted metallica...just cos...
- Danny m, fochabers, Scotland, 2-.-1.2006
I like both, but I like Metallica's version a little better.
- steve, St iggy, United States, 9-.-0.2006
The metallica version just has that mullet/jock rocker vibe to it just like everything else they have put out after justice. I hate their version so my vote is on Bob.
- TheReal, Orlando, United States, 7-.-0.2006
Metallica's version sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks and will forever SUCK!!!!
- Jennifer, Los Angeles, United States, 6-.-0.2006
Metallica's version not only didn't "kill" - it should be shot, stabbed, burned, mutilated and buried deep in the deser somewhere!!!! Bob Seger's version is, and always will be, THE ONE AND ONLY 'Turn the Page'. Clearly, my Detroit roots are showing, but, seriously, clean out your ears!!!!
- Kate, Los Angeles, United States, 4-.-0.2006
Metallica's version of Turn the Page killed Bob Seger's version! There is no doubting it! They put some enthusiasm into the song and added power which Seger's version is lacking.
- Jeremy, Petty, Canada, 3-.-0.2006
It's really a pity, that Bob Seger fell into oblivion. I haven't heard him on the radio for a long time. He is such a great artist.
- Bill, London, England, 7-.-0.2005
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