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You really got me

This time I have to admit that until quite recently I myself haven't known that 'You really got me' was not published by Van Halen as an original. Already in the sixties The Kinks produced this song. And also at that time it was anything else than a bad song and topped the UK-Charts.
Neverthelless I like Van Halens cover version better. They brought even more dynamic into this great song. So my vote goes to Van Halen.

Van Halen


The Kinks

CD-Cover: Van Halen - Van Halen 32.4 % 67.6 % CD-Cover: The Kinks - Ultimate Collection
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Van Halen 3128 Votes The Kinks

Further information about the bands:

Kinks Fan-Page Most comprehensive Fan-Page I could find.
Included is also a huge list of all Kinks Covers. Quite amazing, that so many artists covered songs by The Kinks.
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Comments about You really got me:

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Ray Davies introduced this at later gigs as a Van Halen cover - he knows which version is best.
- Mike, Anywhere, England, 1-.-0.2009
Nobody Can Cover a Ray Davies Song With Any Real Soul
You Really Got Me Is a Kinks Song... END OFF.
God Bless The Kinks
- Joe, Glasgow, Scotland, 0-.-1.2008
true punk? i dunno interesting opinion though...
- nowhereman, nowhereland, United States, 6-.-0.2008
You Really Got Me is the first true Punk record, in its raw, angst-ridden delivery - complete with rasping, snarled vocals, fuzzy 3 chord riff, and psychotic guitar break - and in its anarchic, anti-pop spirit (given the Beatles-era Merseybeat and ballads that dominated the charts at the time). Nothing has ever come close, and whilst Van Halen's cover is a respectable tribute, comparison with the original is akin to comparing Justin Timberlake with Beethoven.
- The Reverend Strange, Northampton, England, 4-.-0.2008
I was angry school and wrestling weren't giving me enough sleep, thanks for the advice Canadian Dude
- Breagan wallin, Chesterfield, United States, 1-.-0.2008
You're an angry, angry man Breagan Wallin. You've been at the computer too long...take a nap. Love both versions, Kinks are better.
- George, Cambridge, Canada, 2-.-1.2007
"and VH was OK, but they are among the more overrated bands. Go ahead and worship Eddie Van Halen if you must -- he can do some amazing things with his guitar, but he never measured up to greats like Clapton, Hendrix, Page, Beck, Boon or Garcia" You wanna talk about overrated bud look at Eric Clapton, I mean I like him too but his abilities are just as exagerrated and he's just as worshipped by drooling idiots who want to be like him as Eddie is. and Jeff Beck I got one word for that moron SUCKS! and Jerry Gracia, the Dead and Kiss were two of my all time favorite bands but they were CULT bands more famous for what they stood for than their music. Lastly and this goes to ALL you Kinks fans THE KINKS SUCKED they had three good songs Van Halen did an infinitely better version of one and one of the others is a repulsive song about a FUCKING TRANSEXUAL!
- Breagan, Chesterfield, United States, 1-.-1.2007
There are many cover versions of "You Really Got Me" out there. One of my favorites is Oingo Boingo's quirky version. I also like the Van Halen cover. But no one has, or ever will, surpassed the Kinks' original.
- Mark Zimmerman, Wilkes-Barre, United States, 0-.-1.2007
This vote restores my belief in this Web site. After some of the other travesties, I was sure when I clicked on this that Van Halen would be winning in a landslide. Thank God that's not the case.

The Kinks' original is a classic, one of the great songs in RnR history. I don't mind VH's version, and VH was OK, but they are among the more overrated bands. Go ahead and worship Eddie Van Halen if you must -- he can do some amazing things with his guitar, but he never measured up to greats like Clapton, Hendrix, Page, Beck, Boon or Garcia -- but they have so few decent songs. The songwriting was so substandard.

Anyway, this one's not close.

BTW: A good vote would be "Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love" -- Van Halen vs. Minutemen. One of VH's better songs reinvented by San Pedro's best. Minutemen cut it down to about 35 seconds, but it's 35 seconds that really matters.

- Charlie Freak, Canoga Park, United States, 7-.-0.2007
This shouldn't even be up for debate. The Kink's version is like a medium rare slab of fine prime rib, whereas the Van Halen version is a gooey cheeseburger. David Lee Roth's little vocal quirks are awful and instantly date the VH version. Though I will take DLR over Sammy Hagar any day.
- Mister Big, San Francisco, United States, 7-.-0.2007
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