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You really got me

This time I have to admit that until quite recently I myself haven't known that 'You really got me' was not published by Van Halen as an original. Already in the sixties The Kinks produced this song. And also at that time it was anything else than a bad song and topped the UK-Charts.
Neverthelless I like Van Halens cover version better. They brought even more dynamic into this great song. So my vote goes to Van Halen.

Van Halen


The Kinks

CD-Cover: Van Halen - Van Halen 32.4 % 67.6 % CD-Cover: The Kinks - Ultimate Collection
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Van Halen 3128 Votes The Kinks

Further information about the bands:

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Included is also a huge list of all Kinks Covers. Quite amazing, that so many artists covered songs by The Kinks.
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Comments about You really got me:

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Without the Kinks Van Halen and Eddie would've climbed down the social ladder and wound up playing renditions of 'Boris the Spider', 'My Generation'.......and Good God....'Eminence Front'!

My how the tail loves biting the dog!
- Faceless in Seattle, New Bedford, United States, 3-.-0.2007
Awwww, when it comes to Van Halen it has to be one of my rockers! I once had a friend at Robinson's May and he told me to dance so I was kicking my feet up high until my legs were soooooo tired that I just couldn't stop singing. I was outta breath that time. So now, here's the thing: 70's classic rock and it's heard sometimes on JACK-FM but mostly on 95.5 KLOS! This song I believe ROCKS THE HOUSE, BABY!!! I just wanna break free out of this song and tell "My Uncle Joe" I sent ya.
- Bobby Delaney, Norwalk, CA, United States, 3-.-0.2007
Gotta love what Eddie Van Halen does with that classic riff!
- Derek Warner, Cape Breton Island, Canada, 2-.-0.2007
It's easy The overall winner the modern genius of Ray Davies
- bert van dok, alkmaar, Netherlands, 2-.-0.2007
It's easy The overall winner the modern genius of Ray Davies
- bert van dok, alkmaar, Netherlands, 2-.-0.2007
If you listen to the Kinks live album "One for the Road" it's clear that they were forced to cover the Van Halen version after it's success in the US.
- Mike, Chicago, United States, 1-.-0.2007
I was 15 in 1964 and in thorough lust with the girl I sat behind in english. My blood boiled and testosterene oozed from my pores. I was so enamored I had difficulty speaking when she was around & was sure laws existed about feeling that way. When I Heard "You really Got Me" imagine my Relief.
- Gary Willis, Sparks, Nv, United States, 1-.-0.2007
Hot For Teacher is not a cover. Where'd you get that idea? They did however cover Roy Orbison's Pretty Woman and Marvin Gaye's Dancin' in the Street. Both of which were awesome as was their cover of You Really Got Me. I LOVE it. I also love the original. Obviously Ray and Dave Davies were cool with the cover and respected VH's version of their song or they wouldn't have both complemented it or incorporated Eddie's intro into their act. I think it's okay for one band to pay homage to another so those of you insulting VH are kind of being petty. I'm glad both versions exist.
- Sandra, Los Angeles, United States, 2-.-1.2006
ok they are both great. Me, I prefer Van Halen's version because it's VAN HALEN but that is just me.

P.S. Don't hate consolidate
- Clint -o, Paducah, United States, 1-.-1.2006
I don't think there's anything exactly wrong with the Van Halen version...but I think it's a perfect example of a pointless cover version. It only departs from the original in that it's production is more "modern", a bigger, richer mix. But the spareness is part of why the original is better. So again, if a band wants to do a cover that doesn't go further, or in a different direction than the original... then just perform it in a bar, don't bother to record it.
- Gary, St. Paul, MN, United States, 8-.-0.2006
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