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You really got me

This time I have to admit that until quite recently I myself haven't known that 'You really got me' was not published by Van Halen as an original. Already in the sixties The Kinks produced this song. And also at that time it was anything else than a bad song and topped the UK-Charts.
Neverthelless I like Van Halens cover version better. They brought even more dynamic into this great song. So my vote goes to Van Halen.

Van Halen


The Kinks

CD-Cover: Van Halen - Van Halen 32.4 % 67.6 % CD-Cover: The Kinks - Ultimate Collection
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Van Halen 3128 Votes The Kinks

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Comments about You really got me:

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THE KINKS version takes top honors because they wrote it and, at the time, it sounded far different than ANYTHING else being done by their peers. I always thought the VAN HALEN version - as rockin' as it is - was a bit over the top.

A note to those poor, misguided JIMMY PAGE fans who insist on perpetuating the myth that His Guitarliness provided the inspired solo work we hear on the original YRGM - GIVE IT UP! While Page, to his credit, is a legendary guitar icon and deserves recognition for his guitar contributions, he need not be credited for other people's work. Dave Davies played the solo on You Really Got Me and every other KINKS song.
- Charles Jones, Somerville, United States, 8-.-0.2005
You Really Got Me by the Kinks is the only song in rock history to start TWO future genres - Heavy Metal and Punk! Van Halen actually started out as a Kinks cover Band in California and did a respectful version of the song, but it can't touch the original for sheer innovation and raw power for it's time. Dave Davies played the solo, not Jimmy Page. If you think otherwise check the autobiographies written by Ray and Dave, "X-ray" and "Kink". Jimmy page was in the Yardbirds when this song was recorded, and Dave also created the overdrive sound for both the solo and the rhythm guitar parts with his inventive "green amp with the speaker cone slashed" idea. He is a truly an unrecognized innovator of the electric guitar and was only 17 years old when he recorded this song! The only Kinks member who was relegated to playing just tamborine on this song was Mick Avory, the drummer for the band. Ray Davies also had no time for Jimmy Page, as he thought Jimmy was "a wanker who just used a B string where the G string was supposed to be so he could bend the crap out of it" so why on earth would he want him on his first hit record? Read the book "Kink" by Dave Davies for the truest account of these sessions. Ray Davies is also my favourite songwriter on the planet, so it's obvious why I know so much about this topic, and why I choose the original as the best version!
- Robert Minderman, Toronto, Canada, 8-.-0.2005
To the one who wrote that Jimmy Page payed on the solo... Are you drinking again?

- Elvis Cochelo, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 8-.-0.2005
The Kink's version is much better in style and raw power. Both are worth listening to. One is a true Rock n Roll classic, the other is a cover of a Rock n Roll classic.
- Curtis Dahl, Bothell, United States, 8-.-0.2005
From Germany 12 points for The Kinks
- Ulrich Weiss, Berlin, Germany, 7-.-0.2005
Jimmy Page DID NOT play the solo on You Really Got Me. No way. that is the work of the MASTER Dave Davies. Long Live the Kinks
Stuart Bonnington, Clarksville, TN
- Stuart Bonnington, Clarksville, United States, 7-.-0.2005
quite simply the greatest band on earth "THE KINKS"
- Adrian Long, Bristol, England, 7-.-0.2005
I'll just add to what has been well said already. THE KINKS, of course. Van Halen did, however, do a more than creditable job. YRGM was the centerpiece to a very good debut album. One they were never able to replicate. The Kinks went on to create, arguably, the most creative catalogue of music Rock 'N Roll has ever witnessed. God Save The Kinks! And God speed to Dave's recovery. Without Dave, and Ray, the Rock landscape would be a much poorer place.
- thom loch, ChiangMai, Thailand, 7-.-0.2005
Van Halen's version better?! Apparently the author of this contest has NO idea what he is talking about. This was a cutting edge song when the Kinks released it and it still is up there with anything written or produced today! Van Halen had to do a cover because they were unable to write anything as good!
- ET, New Hartford, United States, 7-.-0.2005
"You Really Got Me" has really got me. I like both versions of the song, but the original, the Kinks' version, is better. Accept no substitutes! I never tire of it. Ray, Dave --- YOU really got me, not David Lee or Eddie Van. God Save the Kinks, all day and all of the night!!!!
- Bobcat, Alto, United States, 7-.-0.2005
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