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You really got me

This time I have to admit that until quite recently I myself haven't known that 'You really got me' was not published by Van Halen as an original. Already in the sixties The Kinks produced this song. And also at that time it was anything else than a bad song and topped the UK-Charts.
Neverthelless I like Van Halens cover version better. They brought even more dynamic into this great song. So my vote goes to Van Halen.

Van Halen


The Kinks

CD-Cover: Van Halen - Van Halen 32.4 % 67.6 % CD-Cover: The Kinks - Ultimate Collection
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Van Halen 3128 Votes The Kinks

Further information about the bands:

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Included is also a huge list of all Kinks Covers. Quite amazing, that so many artists covered songs by The Kinks.
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Comments about You really got me:

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Elvis, I'm sorry. But only English comments are allowed here.
- Webmaster, Hamburg, Germany, 7-.-0.2005
When a song from the sixties gets a cover version nearly twenty years later it really shows that the original is a true classic !!! 9 times out of 10 the original gets my vote!
Certainly in case of The Kinks ! God bless Ray Davies !
- rudy vergauwen, antwerp, Belgium, 7-.-0.2005
i love Eddy's eruption and how Van Halen covered You Really Got Me, but only Dave's original riff gives me time and time again goose-bumps. Hard-rock avant la lettre.
- Gerard van Calcar, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 7-.-0.2005
When the Kinks recorded this song in 1964, it had more balls than anything previously. The Van Halen version is awesomely eighties and one of their best tracks. The original is obviously superior, but I really enjoy David Lee Roth's "Woo-woo"s and the end of theirs.
- Jesse Kresnak, Detroit, United States, 7-.-0.2005
Some songs are just so perfect in the original form that they should just be left alone and appreciated for the perfection they represent. You Really Got me is one of those songs. I still marvel at the testosterone laced opening chords and wonder how Dave Davies knew exactly how I was feeling when I first heard that intro.
- tom Craigo, presque isle, United States, 7-.-0.2005
Van Halen's version was ok and Eddie's guitar work brought something to it, but it was not original. I think it developed from the Mott the Hoople version.

Anyway, Kinks rule!
- Pat, Philadelphia, United States, 7-.-0.2005
When will the kinks get the respect they deserve??????? This was a silly question. Kinks all the way.
- Norry Smith, Leeds, England, 7-.-0.2005
The Kinks version Blows Van halens away! When the kinks did this live on One For The Road Dave Davies did an "eruption" type opening that put Edyy to shame! contest!!!
- Liam Docherty, Hamilton, Canada, 7-.-0.2005
"You really got me" by Van Halen may be played more precisely, but I've never heard a better verions than the original!
- Andrea, Monschau, Germany, 7-.-0.2005
Van Halen covered lots of songs. "Where have all the good times gone" is another remake from a Kinks song. But also "Hot for teacher" or "Icecream man" are cover versions. I think the Kinks did really a good job, especially if you think that this song was already written in 1964. They created their own style.
- Sven, Den Haag, Netherlands, 7-.-0.2005
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