Finally a song of my favourite band AC/DC. It is really hard to find a cover version, because AC/DC itself didn't cover many songs and also nearly noone covered songs by this great Australian band. At least he didn't get successful with a cover version.
Here now a song by AC/DC from their early years, "Baby please don't go". Actually it is a classic blues song by Big Joe Williams written in 1944. Over the years it was covered several times, also by Them with their band leader Van Morrison. And the version by AC/DC is quite similar to the version by Them, but of course a little bit harder. A really nice Rock 'n' Roll Song. Anyway the early compositions by AC/DC are worth a closer look. The guitar from Angus Young sounds a liitle bit clearer. Everything is more affected by the blues.
I cannot say so much about Big Joe Johnson. But perhaps somebody else knows more about Joe Johnson and his song and likes to add his knowledge here.