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You would like to hold a contest about a song which you can't find here? No problem! Just start a new contest. You only have to fill out the following fields and your personal song contest will be online and everybody can vote.
All fields are neccessary. Please try to insert all data correctly and also take care on the correct spelling.
If you don't know all the neccessary information, ist a good source.


For the next pieces of information please go to and try to find a CD on which the song was published. It should be possible to listen to the title at Amazon.
Below the CD-Cover at Amazon you will find the ASIN-Number. Copy it and insert it for the cover version and the original version, respectively.


You are nearly ready. Now insert your comment (This comment will later appear above the CD-Covers.), vote for cover or original and leave your name, city and country. That's it!

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