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All By Myself

Celine Dion is one of those artists I hate to like, what with her awful, staged TV specials (talk about planting people in the audience!) and her equally overstaged Vegas show (watch Kathy Griffin's take on this- hilarious!). Still, she does have a tremendous voice, and her singing on this song is infintely more expressive than the original. BUT... is that really what this song calls for? Perhaps Carmen's understated expression more accurately embodies the mood of the song? In the end, I hate to do it, but I vote for Celine. The ending of her version puts it over the top.

- Dan, Batavia, NY, United States, 07.10.2008

Celine Dion


Eric Carmen

CD-Cover: Celine Dion - Falling Into You 31.7 % 68.3 % CD-Cover: Eric Carmen - All By Myself
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Comments about All By Myself:

Who are your referring to? Not Eric Carmen, surely. He is multi-talented way beyond the likes of Celine (please I am too wonderful) Dion. And he's a true and out Cleveland boy. Get your geography correct. Oh, you can't, you're stuck with sheep in a cold country!!!
- Keggers, Juniper, United States, 22.01.2011
I love this song so much
- Ponghathai, bangkok, Thailand, 07.11.2010
Well, at least Carmen's original has a certain feminine appeal to it.
- Rob L., Vancouver, United States, 26.08.2010
Celine Dion's version sounds almost country the pace of the music is all over the place and the first 3 minutes are a total bore,then she goes over the top for the last 90 seconds
Eric Carmen's version is from a different world,totally beautiful and awesome,Eric was made to sing all by myself.
- Brigitte, gold coast, Australia, 12.01.2010
Frederick, what does Britney Spears have to do with anything? She's not in the same universe as Celine Dion's voice. I notice some people like to poke fun at people who actually have talent, merely because they only sing "nice" songs, nothing edgy. It doesn't matter that she a Canadian diva with a thick French accent who may take herself a bit too seriously. Talking strictly about talent: she's got it. she could do an entire concert accapella, no lighting, no staging, no elegant outfits, and get a standing ovation on every song. Britney couldn't sing her way out of a paper bag without the aid of immense production from OTHER people. You have the right to hate them both, but Britney would have to take a 100 year ride in the Millenium Falcon at light speed to come anywhere near the raw talent of Celine Dion. By the way, I don't even own any Celine Dion recordings, but I'm a musician, and I know talent.
Eric Carmen is also talented. There's a great video on youtube with him performing this live at a concert. He plays the piano very well, and has a great voice. There's no David and Goliath story here. Both Eric Carmen and Celine Dion sing it well.
- Neil, Nashville, United States, 26.09.2009
How on earth can someone compare a silicon Hollywood marionette with Celine Dion! You should ask your wife to crush you anyway!

- Myself, Dundee, Scotland, 19.09.2009
Celine Dion??! Let's put it this way: If she and Britney Spears were the last two "singers" left on Earth, I'd have my wife back over me with the van so as to crush my aural canals.
- Frederick The Stooge, Canton, Ohio, United States, 12.01.2009
I'm going to have to go with the original on this one.
- Bryan Tremblay, Santa Barbara, United States, 31.12.2008
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