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Back in Black

I am a huge Living Colour fan, and appreciate them MUCH more than I care for AC/DC (whose formula has grown a little stale for me over the years), but no one, not even the great LC, can touch this song, or many of AC/DC's song for that matter. One thing I will say for AC/DC is that they make their songs almost untouchable from a cover prespective.

- Dan, Batavia, NY, United States, 07.10.2008

Living Colour



CD-Cover: Living Colour - Collideøscope 16.5 % 83.5 % CD-Cover: AC/DC - Back in Black
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Living Colour 1117 Votes AC/DC

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Ok I Love AC/DC and Their song "Back In Black" But The other band did a good cover of the song doing a good emotion attatchment to the song. It was a tough choice but AC/DC Made it more unique to HIS voice. The other band Excaually tried to copy the song. They did well copying it but couldve made it more their own. AC/DC Stole the win for this Poll.
- Richard, Texas, United States, 16.08.2010
I think thats the only one best-than-original cover! It ofcourse doesn't mean I don't like AC/DC - i love them!
- andrew, gliwice, Poland, 07.06.2010
Living Colour isn't referring the visual color, but coloured PEOPLE. Because they're an all African-American band. All blacks. Not British. They're also a pretty good band by the way. And also not all Brits are tea sippin' pussies. I'm American, but I like to seperate myself from stereotypes...unlike you...jerk.
- George Carvin, Palm Beach Gardens, United States, 23.04.2010
can you beat AC DC at their own music? NO
- a, b, United States, 04.11.2009
"Other than Metallica and RATM, the USA have added basically nothing to the music industry."

And who do you think invented rock n' roll?
You Brits just PERFECTED it, that's all.
- Andy, Belém, Brazil, 10.09.2009
i just wanna say that i think matt is a complete prick.
- matt is a complete prick, matt is a complete prick, England, 30.07.2009
Matt is the typical meathead one finds so plentiful in backwater USA. For him to not know that AC/DC are of AU/UK pedigree is just sad.

Next up, Matt will be telling us that Judas Priest are from Detroit, and Black Sabbath from Brooklyn.
- Filmore East, NYC, United States, 29.07.2009
I'm sorry, but no one can cover AC/DC right, his voice is just unique.
- Ethan, Stillwater, United States, 09.06.2009
The point of a cover is to bring something new to the song. If all a band is going to do is clone it, as L/C does here, then why bother? Just makes the later group a tribute band in preparation for touring county fairs and high school proms.
- Kevin, Milwaukee, WI, United States, 07.05.2009
Yea well I will grant you Matt is indeed a tool and I will also grant you the Brits have produced some fantastic music I must take issue with two comments. First without the US influenced music y'all would still be listening to Lonnie Donnigan and skiffle in Britland. My second quibble is naming Metallica a US band worth mentioning. I will however apologize for the American influences that gave the world The Spice Girls and Robbie Williams.
- Lee, Chicago, United States, 01.02.2009
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