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Big Yellow Taxi

Counting Crows does this song pretty well, and I am not much of a fan of Adam Duritz' voice, but Joni's version is so great with the ringing acoustic guitars, shakers, and triangle.

- Dan, Batavia, NY, United States, 07.10.2008

Counting Crows


Joni Mitchell

CD-Cover: Counting Crows - Hard Candy 43.1 % 56.9 % CD-Cover: Joni Mitchell - Ladies of the Canyon
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Counting Crows 439 Votes Joni Mitchell

Comments about Big Yellow Taxi:

Some songs are simply redundant when removed from the original artist. This is one of them.
- Rob L., Vancouver, United States, 26.08.2010
Joni's version is very annoying. Counting Crows with Vanessa Carlton is so much better
- Paul, Columbus, United States, 18.07.2010
For the longest time I had only heard the cover version (it's the only one they play on the radio)- I could never understand why a song with so much potential was so brutal to listen to. Then I heard Joni's version, and I understood. They were trying to cover a song you just shouldn't cover. Radio- why must you insist on subjecting us to such torture when you could play the wonderful original?
- Eric, Owen Sound, Canada, 31.03.2010
I don't like Joni's weird highs and lows at the end of the song. It's kind of a sad song and it sounds like she is singing it with a smile on? I like what Counting Crows did but the backing vocals are ruined it. My vote goes to myself. Kudos to Joni for actually writing the song.
- MaFe, Minneapolis, United States, 28.08.2009
Counting Crows? Maybe this helps explain my take on them: If they and Manheim Steamroller were the only two bands left on Earth, I'd puncture my eardrums with a twig.
- Freddy The Stooge, Akron, Ohio, United States, 12.01.2009
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