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The One (Bonus Track Version 2)

In addition to Mary J Blige also Jennifer Lopez covered the great Marvin Gaye song 'You are everything'. I think, it sounds to much like pop, however, it is nice.

- Matti, Berlin, Deutschland, 25.12.2005

Jennifer Lopez


Marvin Gaye

CD-Cover: Jennifer Lopez - This Is Me... Then 45.6 % 54.4 % CD-Cover: Marvin Gaye - The Very Best of ( Slide Pack )
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Jennifer Lopez 169 Votes Marvin Gaye

Comments about The One (Bonus Track Version 2):

....what? is that even english? did you go to school?
u can tell your from london...blud ;)that... or you live in a swamp
- Squeakz, retardsville.. no wait thats u, England, 07.01.2008
J Lo Issz Way Betta Man N Shez Got Dat Glow..

- Bubblez, London, England, 05.11.2007
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