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An der Nordseeküste

Just another stolen song.
A good irish folk song is converted into nonsense.

- Frank Krüger, Barsinghausen, Deutschland, 31.12.2005

Klaus und Klaus


Dubliners - The Wild Rover

CD-Cover: Klaus und Klaus - Stimmungshits Von der Nordseeküste 27.2 % 72.8 % CD-Cover: Dubliners - The Wild Rover - Their Greatest Hits
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Klaus und Klaus 1096 Votes Dubliners - The Wild Rover

Comments about An der Nordseeküste:

The german version by Klaus & Klaus is a cover with fun text. As mentioned before it's a popular party song for some people but i would never treat it as a folk song here in germany. In the 80's many foreign songs were covered with only the original melody and independant new text lines. The Wild Rover is an english original and the Dubliners interpretation is much more accurate.
- Michael, Hannover, Germany, 05.02.2010
I'm baffled on this one as I first heard this song in 1986 by the Clancy Brothers
- Ronjon, Anytown, United States, 11.12.2008
The German folk song "An Der NordseeKuste" is the original! When I was living in Bremerhaven GE it was the standard fest party song for all "Bremerhavener". If you check history you would see that it was written many years before "The Wild Rover".
- Retired USAF, Bremerhaven, Germany, 16.03.2008
The song Der Norseeküste is a very old German song. It has been around as long as the Wild Rover. It just goes to show the common origins of all northern European people.
- John, North White Plains, United States, 19.03.2006
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