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Frieda und die Bomben

The Beatsteaks are rocking much better than Fu Manchu in the original version - even though the original is good, too.
Nice pogo!

- Frank Krüger, Barsinghausen, Deutschland, 31.12.2005



Fu Manchu

CD-Cover: Beatsteaks - Hello Joe 61.1 % 38.9 % CD-Cover: Fu Manchu - Go for It-Live
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Beatsteaks 990 Votes Fu Manchu

Comments about Frieda und die Bomben:

Beatsteaks/Turbostaat, love the lyrics.
- Ko, Eindhoven, Netherlands, 08.02.2011
The Beatsteaks are truly the greatest band in the whole universe.
- Vidro Midro, Berlin, Germany, 19.08.2008
don't forget TURBOSTAAT!!! Without this band 'frieda und die Bomben' wasn't possible!!! Rock'N'Roll
- Andy, Berlin, Germany, 19.12.2007
one of the best singels from beatsteaks thy have ever here
and I fink the beatsteaks are one of the best punkrock bands in good old germany
- butze, resden, Germany, 21.08.2007
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