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Limp Bizkit took a perfectly good, melodious, and life-affirming song by George Michael, and turned it raucous, significantly deranged, and manic. I approve.

- Rick, Lynchburg Virginia, United States, 07.01.2009

Limp Bizkit


George Michael

CD-Cover: Limp Bizkit - Three Dollar Bill Y'all 46 % 54 % CD-Cover: George Michael - Faith
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Comments about Faith:

I'm not even a big George Michael fan, but his original destroys LB's cover all the way. Fred Durst can't sing at all.
- Anand, Pasadena, California, United States, 20.07.2010
Not one of George Michael's better effort, but his worst is better than Limp Biscuit's best.
- Rod, Chicago, United States, 20.02.2010
- fightbizkit, FRANCE, France, 02.12.2009
Limp Bizkit is better! :D
- Marco, Pisa, Italy, 29.11.2009
LBF 4 life!!!
- zordan , zrenjanin, Other - Europe, 26.11.2009
I have just listened to the version by limp bizcut and well what can i say but Ahhhh i am not a big fan of George michael but his version is a lot better
- Nik, Patra, Greece, 19.04.2009
George's version is great but LImp Biscuits is just over the top. It sounds good, plus you don't expect it of them. The add a hard edge to it plus even sound to make a little fun of it.
- Mike Hunt, Huntsville, United States, 20.02.2009
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