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Livin' on a Prayer/Prayer '94

I really prefer the cover version. It has so much soul, a great guitar solo, and more of Richie Sambora's awesome voice.

- Dan, Batavia, NY, United States, 08.01.2009

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Bon Jovi

CD-Cover: Bon Jovi - Crossroads 17.9 % 82.1 % CD-Cover: Bon Jovi - Slippery When Wet
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Comments about Livin' on a Prayer/Prayer '94:

of these two the slippery when wet wins out but the accoustic version he released in the 2000's is better, its more of what the original song was suppose to be, when he has the orchestra
- Matt, Hampden-sydney, United States, 08.12.2010
Both suck.
- Garnet P., Ottawa, Canada, 15.11.2010
Try It's My Life version on this left feels right it is a completely different song from the original and is just so good.
- Steve, Burton, England, 13.07.2010
No comparison IMO. The original can't be touched. I doubt I'll see in my lifetime a single instance where a Bon Jovi single can be covered better than the original, even by themselves!
- Kimberly, Warner Robins, United States, 05.07.2010
I absolutely love the '94 remake for Crossroads, but I don't think they can be 'compared' like this, because one is a shouting anthem (the original) and the other is more of a soulful accoustic version. I'd have to say that i like them both the same.
- Chris, Hudsonville, United States, 23.05.2009
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