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Proud Mary

Even John Fogerty himself had to honor that the version of Ike & Tina Turner is better than his own.

- Hawkwind, Berlin, Deutschland, 03.01.2006

Ike & Tina Turner


Creedence Clearwater Revival

CD-Cover: Ike & Tina Turner - Proud Mary & Other Hits 36.2 % 63.8 % CD-Cover: Creedence Clearwater Revival - Bayou Country
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Ike & Tina Turner 2824 Votes Creedence Clearwater Revival

Comments about Proud Mary:

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Give me CCR's version anytime!
- Giuseppe, Bucharest, Romania, 23.04.2008
Give me John Fogerty's voice any day over Tina or Ike. CCR is one of the best band ever.
- Joe, Dallas, United States, 09.12.2007
Tina wails...the end.
- Lemissa, LawrencefuckingKansas, United States, 27.11.2007
Thank-you so much for giving me a chance at voting for the Creedence Clearwater Revival's "version" of Proud Mary. Of course, they wrote and first performed the song. It is
MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH x 99 1/2 BETTER than the Ikeandtittyturner version.
- INTHENAMEOFSLEEPYSILVER, Queens, New York, United States, 24.09.2007
Ike & Tina: WAY too fast. No groove to it, just rush-rush.
- Andres, Miami Beach, United States, 02.08.2007
Ike & Tina overdo this one a lot. It feels so forced and unnatural. And yet is a million times better than CCR's. That gives you an idea how bad were the Fogertys.
- Rash, Chicago, United States, 24.02.2007
The Turner's version had alot of energy but it pales in comparison to CCR's straight forward rock driven classic.
- Derek Warner, Cape Breton Island, Canada, 15.02.2007
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