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Under Pressure / Ice Ice Baby

Because of this blatant rip off of real musicians like Queen and David Bowie, Vanilla Ice will forever be a dead man to me. Anyone votes for Iceman, and your are either crazy, stoned, or just doing it out of spite, hopefully the latter.

- Alex, Miami, United States, 06.01.2006

Vanilla Ice


David Bowie/Queen

CD-Cover: Vanilla Ice - To The Extreme 17.9 % 82.1 % CD-Cover: David Bowie/Queen - Hot Space
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Vanilla Ice 4379 Votes David Bowie/Queen

Comments about Under Pressure / Ice Ice Baby:

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plegarism by any other name... oooops, stole those words from shakespeare. just put plegarism where rose use to b~~~ sorry but i am old school. to me, this is where music got really off track. at 1st it seemed like flattery, but now especially after listening to what kayne west did to kid charlemaigne... which i shut off b4 it finished. enough is enough~ and we the consumers r the ones paying in more ways then one.
- mrs ben dover, no where, Other, 02.03.2011
if you are stupid enough to like total rubbish like vanilla ice, you are either drunk or tone deaf love. how moronic can a person be to actually ENJOY such repetitive awful "music" that has the elegance of a half eaten tuna salad ?! to be perfectly honest, i am only 14 years of age, and it would seem that my taste in music if far more mature and sane then what i assume to be 30 year olds who prefer vanilla ice to queen. queen, at the time under pressure was written, had far more more experience and music background then vanilla. as well as this, if it isn't obvious to you hard-headed idiots, VANILLA ICE STOLE THE SOUND FROM QUEEN. and that is a fact dearies, not an opinion. as well as THIS, queen are the number one (alongside the beatles) in england, and still are (i do believe). vanilla ice? not even on the charts in england OR amarica! if you see this and favor him, you are likely one in a million. in addition, bowie is my personal favourite, and far more dynamic and eccentric, creative, and attractive than any other man alive. so to all of you vanilla ice loving barbaric, asinine, pedantic, tone deaf, narrow minded, shallow, fools, go fornicate yourselves with a fish hook.
- Claire, London, England, 13.02.2011
Buy everything Apple. It just works!
- Apple, Apple, United States, 03.11.2010
O>M>G i just love vanilla ice so much he will always be my idle. he may be going by the name rob now but that's just cause he robbed the harts from me and his millions of die hard fans.he is so gangster that i think all the blacks should follow his lead and represent the hoods that thier probation officers let them live in.WORD TO YOUR MOTHER.
- Brent huddnel, circleville, United States, 20.09.2010
Pissedofportirican maybe you should think a little bit more before you say rappers have no talent. It takes a lot of great producers to make rap. They are two styles of music that can't be compared. It's like comparing classical to grunge. Queen and David Bowie should be honored that someone kikes their music to use it in their own song. I do feel like queen and David Bowie are the better artist but who am I to say yhat
- KWE, Concord, NC, United States, 18.06.2010
I think that the ice man did bowie and queen a cold one and that you all have no lives cause you leave coments on these stupid forums!!!!1
- ben , donver, United States, 29.04.2010
I think that the ice man did bowie and queen a cold one and that you all have no lives cause you leave coments on these stupid forums!!!!1
- ben , donver, United States, 29.04.2010
if you cover someone, you gotta pay up. vanilla ice was lame, is lame, and got beat by a queen.
- dan, utah, United States, 29.03.2010
Vaniall Ice is the Man baby!
- Rod, Chicago, United States, 20.02.2010
cookin mcs like a pound of bacon
- j-rhymz, shit springs ohio, United States, 08.01.2010
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