Cover vs. Original

My Sharona

The cover is near to the original but has its own style. Really a great rock song!

- vryan, ingolstadt, Deutschland, 12.01.2006

Joe Leila


The Knack

CD-Cover: Joe Leila - Black Dog White God 30.3 % 69.7 % CD-Cover: The Knack - Get the Knack
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Joe Leila 442 Votes The Knack

Comments about My Sharona:

- Whiskey, Barcelona, Spain, 11.02.2007
Pink Cream 69 did a fantastic cover of this song.
- JOe!, Vancouver, Canada, 16.02.2006
My Sharona was also covered by Veruca Salt. It doesn't rock as much as the original, but still good.
- Ron Cumberdale, Fowler, CA, United States, 03.02.2006
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