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The live performance from the White Stripes is stunning.

- Neil Davidson, Harrogate, England, 12.01.2006

White Stripes


Dolly Parton

CD-Cover: White Stripes - Jolene [Live Under Blackpool Lights] 57.7 % 42.3 % CD-Cover: Dolly Parton - Jolene/My Tennessee Mountain Home
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Comments about Jolene:

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Both versions are great, and it's a wonderful song. I do love the irony of hearing Jack White sing it....
- Janet, Kensington, MD , United States, 16.04.2010
The White Stripes are pretty good at covering, at least better than most of today's bands, and this song is no exeption. However, I still like the Dolly Parton version better, it's more swinging and less whiny.
- Flo, Freiburg, Germany, 23.02.2010
I love both Dolly Parton's version and that of the "White Stripes". Yes, the White Stripes version has more 'umph' but what is he singing about?? Who is this Jolene that is going to take his guy and make him unhappy :-) ?!!
- Benny, Antwerp, Belgium, 04.12.2009
Natalie Merchant gets my vote.
- Marc, Seattle, United States, 31.03.2009
The Mavis's a defunct electro pop/rock otufit from Australia used to cover Jolene a few years back before the Whtie Stripes did it, I dont thinkt hey ever recorded it, but it was awesome. I give this contest to Dolly, but would vote for the Mavis's if given the chance.
- Earlofthercs, Ballarat, Australia, 06.02.2009
This is the greatest cover ever. End of.
- sophie, london, England, 13.10.2008
I am voting for Dolly, and I guess Jack White would do the same!
- Rafael, rio de janeiro, Brazil, 23.07.2008
The White Stripes gave Dolly's song the passion and enthusiasm that it previously lacked. As for those friggin' homophobes who think it's weird that a guy would sing this, well it is obvious that they have completely missed the point of music--to fully and completely give a message life. Thank you, Jack White.
- Tessa!, Brooklin, United States, 03.06.2008
Olivia Newton John's version is better
- Tomokazu, Sagamihara, Japan, 16.02.2008
I prefer Olivia Newton-John's version. From this two I like better Dolly's
- Manuel Munoz, Temuco, Chile, 03.11.2007
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