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Helter Skelter

I heard the Siouxsie version first along with their cover of "Dear Prudence.". The Banshees have done some interesting covers, the "Through the Lookinglass" album for example. I came of age during new wave so it will always resonate more for me than the Beatles.

- Deana, Boston, United States, 18.01.2006

Siouxsie and the Banshees


The Beatles

CD-Cover: Siouxsie and the Banshees - Nocturne 41.5 % 58.5 % CD-Cover: The Beatles - The White Album
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Siouxsie and the Banshees 675 Votes The Beatles

Comments about Helter Skelter:

Siousxie just RUiNEd a good song. Pauli McCartny could sing it better
- Katherine, Fort Worth, United States, 04.09.2010
They're both great, but different. The Beatles' version is weirdly stalking heavy metal; awesomely vast and almost cataclysmic. However, the Banshees' version (particularly the original studio recording from their 1978 album 'The Scream') is palpably Manson-aware; a pulped-down accelerating thrash with frenzied knife-slash guitar and a cultish chanted vocal. It sounds like the ideal soundtrack to the crazy 'hippie' murder-fest itself.
- Slammerworm1, Christchurch, New Zealand, 31.01.2010
best beatles cover?

- jon h, norwich, England, 18.09.2009
Siouxsie + Beatles = Helter Skelter
Siouxsie + Helter Skelter = Siouxsie + Helter Skelter
Beatles = 0
Beatles + Helter Skelter = Helter Skelter
Beatles = 0

- DDT, turin, Italy, 14.01.2007
Siouxsie and the Banshees version flat out sucks and takes no talent at all.As a singer/songwriter n guitar player myself I have to say they flat out killed the song like Motley Crue n the others.The fact is, when someone changes a Beatles song it's screwed up, the orginial version the best hands down which is why the Beatles were n always will be the best band.
- Barret, N. Ft. Myers, United States, 13.01.2007
I voted for the banshees. Siouxsie gives the song a raw edge that mccartney could never do. I do like the original but it just hasn't got enough 'go' in it, which the banshees provide.
- lee, Nottingham, England, 02.09.2006
You know this is a tough one. Yes I like the Beatles version better but siouxsie's version is almost as good & also genuine not just a rip off.
- beto, Los Angeles, United States, 04.02.2006
It was ripe for covering then, it's ripe for covering again, but Siouxsie done it good, and she done Iggy good too
- F.Baube, Helsinki, Finland, 04.02.2006
Forget the Beatles! The dull Brits had their day and then some. Paul McCartney must have thought that he would sound cool by yelling. Yeah, right! Siouxsie and the Banshees play the song like it ought to be played. I do give Lennon-McCartney credit for writing an interesting song, but their performances by the white album sounded bored and boring.
- Rex Chickeneater, Kisumu, Other - Africa, 30.01.2006
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