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Song for a Future Generation

I love the Chicks on Speed cover as much as the original. It's more affectionate than it is cheesy.

- Deana, Boston, United States, 18.01.2006

Chicks on Speed



CD-Cover: Chicks on Speed - The Re-Releases of The Un-Releases 26.7 % 73.3 % CD-Cover: B-52's - Whammy!
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Chicks on Speed 150 Votes B-52's

Comments about Song for a Future Generation:

Ugh, the Chicks on Speed version hurt me. The B-52's version is amazing! They are really into it. Hi my name is Kate and I am a Pisces I love chihuahuas and CHINESE NOODLES!
- Ethan, Stillwater, United States, 09.06.2009
Hi, my name's Crinkle-Cut Beatroot. I'm a Pisces, and I like jalapenos, Tunifishi and MeowMeowMeowMeowMeowMeowMeowMeow Pumpkin. All hail King Danny.
- Crinkle-Cut Beatroot, Lovely Embassy, Lockerbie, Scotland, 03.05.2007
The B-52s were and still are so advanced -- well ahead of there time. Most people don't understand this song. However the Chicks almost have it -- but the B's -- well the original is still the greatest.
- Sue Nomi, Little Egypt, United States, 04.02.2006
Don't get me wrong, I love the B-52's. But frankly, this song was just plain boring. The Chicks On Speed salvage it well with their chainsaw electroclash treatment.
- neujack, Long Beach, CA, United States, 04.02.2006
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