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Where Do You Go to My Lovely

To some people nothing is holy anymore ;)
The only important thing is that it makes money!

- Frank Krüger, Barsinghausen, Deutschland, 20.01.2006

Right Said Fred


Peter Sarstedt

CD-Cover: Right Said Fred - For Sale 19.9 % 80.1 % CD-Cover: Peter Sarstedt - Same/As Though It Were a Movie
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Right Said Fred 473 Votes Peter Sarstedt

Comments about Where Do You Go to My Lovely:

Ich höre diese Version gerne von Peter Sarstedt.
- Thomas Westermann, Schneverdingen, Germany, 19.11.2007
Try my version of WDYGTML at in the Music section of the website.
CD is just being released (April 2007) with Peter Sarstedt doing harmonies on two tracks. Thanks. Part of proceeds going to Parkinson Society Canada.
- Peter Thompson, Barrie, Canada, 13.04.2007
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