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Kings Of Metal

other bands play... MANOWAR KILL! But BEATSTEAKS kill more!

- *die BeatBoulette*, Kirchgandern, Deutschland, 20.01.2006




CD-Cover: Beatsteaks - Launched 49.3 % 50.7 % CD-Cover: Manowar - Kings Of Metal
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Beatsteaks 1195 Votes Manowar

Comments about Kings Of Metal:

Beatsteaks rule, motherf***er! One of the best german bands EVER, and compared with other international bands still unbeatable. bitch.
- Tobsen, Brandenburg, Germany, 01.09.2010
WHAT THE HELL/FUCK IS/ARE "Beatsteaks"??? sounds like some japanese raw food...with bugs'n'stuff... NEVER HEARD ABSOLUTE NOTHING ABOUT THAT/THEM. they must be really goood... ahahahahahahah!
- one ManOwaR fan, ManOwaR's House of Death, Portugal, 26.01.2009
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