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American Woman

Both are good songs but I tend to prefer the Kravitz version. The intended distortion at the end gets a little annoying, but it still rocks more than the original.

- Craig B., Freeport, IL, United States, 22.01.2006

Lenny Kravitz


The Guess Who

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Comments about American Woman:

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Version by Lenny works only because the original one plays background in memory. That is why people do whistle. And Lenny does pretty good with that.
- Erkki, Hellsinki, Finland, 30.10.2007
I hate both versions. The Guess Who is making fun of America, but who gave them all their money for that song? America! If you are going to make fun of a country, make sure it isn't the one that is signing your paycheck.
- Jerry, Hartford, United States, 16.10.2007
Kravitz made the song amazing, but i still think Geuss who wrote it way better.
- Steve, vancouver, Canada, 16.09.2007
Everything was said in your comments. Well, I don't agree that covers are always worse. I really got shocked, when I heard the original recently - what a great song ! I don't mind Lenny, but his "performance" wasn't cool as he wants to be ...
- Ferrulus, Hessigheim, Germany, 02.08.2007
Lenny Kravitz's version is so boring, it sounds like he is just trying to get through it. The Guess Who were a band who were hungry and wanting to make the seen. Lenny was already established when his version came out and it shows.
- Jeff, Kamloops, Canada, 16.07.2007
I like Lenny but this song looks like hip-hop. Guess Who rocks! I say A, I say M, I say E, I say R, I say I, I say C, I say A, I say N, Huh! American Woman! Stay away from me...
- Timmy Ramone, Dimmsdale, United States, 11.06.2007
the original songs always be the better
- noebenjamin, Wannajuato, Mexico, 29.03.2007
Folks who enjoy this song should look for a new version performed by Bachman Cummings (originally fromthe Guess Who) titled American Woman 2006. VERY good remake, more bluesy and rhythemic and nicely updated.
- glynn, Saint John, Canada, 26.03.2007
lennys solo rocks
- shagga, Brisbane, Australia, 22.02.2007
What is up with the god-awful distortion at the end?
Who is the engineer and producer that let that horrible mess pass?
- JG, TN, United States, 27.01.2007
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