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Tainted Love

Honestly, I dont know the very old original. The song was already covered by Soft Cell in 1982.
Anyways, I go for Manson...

- vryan, ingolstadt, Deutschland, 23.01.2006

Marilyn Manson


Gloria Jones

CD-Cover: Marilyn Manson - Not Another Teen Movie! 54.3 % 45.7 % CD-Cover: Gloria Jones - Vixen / Windstorm
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Comments about Tainted Love:

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The 1976 version by Gloria Jones is a bit better than the '64 version, Soft Cell is OK, but the MM should be forgotten ASAP.
MM is just a fake poseur.
- Peter, Delft, Netherlands, 30.12.2009
- Mads, Sønderborg, Denmark, 31.07.2008
Gloria Jones has them all beat. Most I assume would argue that Soft Cell's is best because they have no IDEA that there ever was an original (VH1 ignored this fact on the "I Love the 80s" program). And Marilyn Manson gets no credit from me for anything except as a provocateur. Get hip and go groove to Ms. jones.
- Chris, Minnesota, United States, 15.07.2008
You need to do yourself a favour and find the original Gloria Jones version - hear it the way it was SUPPOSED to sound.
- Kirri, Newcastle, Australia, 11.04.2008
Soft Cell = best
- Mads, Sønderborg, Denmark, 04.12.2007
I think any one that chooses Marilyn Manson over Gloria Jones has no fucking idea about music... although i do like Marilyn Manson and i do own most of his albums i think Gloria Jones is the number one choice over the two. she is one of the first artists that made music what it is today, she was a Northern Soul singer she had a kid with Marc Bolen! Soul turned into jazz which turned into rock... and so on and so forth... shes to blame. she's fuckin awsome...!!! ... Marilyn Manson... Pfffttt.
- kay, Nottingham, England, 08.11.2007
marilyn manson is the best and i hate gloria jones marilyn mason makes every song just the best.
- mitchel, Clifton, Australia, 04.09.2007
The Video has to be seen with the song. That is how to crash a party! Those clean cut little mommy/daddy panzie asses get a real party overhaul. A cold hard dose of wakethefukup!
- M8rixMan, Seattle, United States, 17.06.2007
Mansons version is tops. And Shayne of Melbourne has obviously never heard s/aint or the new sh*t. These are original songs that have given Manson a spot on my favourite artist list.
- Gavin, Perth, Australia, 25.05.2007
Gloria Jones put soul into the song. The backing is powerful. All major chords in a minor key gives a very nice sound. It may be a dark tale sure, but that doesn't mean we need overproduced industrial goth pieces of shit. You need passion and soul. Manson sings like a robot. Soft Cell is pretty good, but Jones is Queen. I hate manson a lot for this.
- Chris, Minneapolis, United States, 09.05.2007
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