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One of the most beautiful songs by John Lennon, who was murdered only shortly after it was published. He became the biggest rockstar (next to Elvis). But also Ozzy Osbourne did a good job with this cover and revived this song.

- Stefan, Magdeburg, Deutschland, 26.01.2006

Ozzy Osbourne


John Lennon

CD-Cover: Ozzy Osbourne - Under Cover 31 % 69 % CD-Cover: John Lennon - Double Fantasy
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Comments about Woman:

It's bad enough that Lennon was murdered in 1980, without Ozzy coming along 25 years later and murdering one of his songs!
- Ronnie, Liverpool, England, 24.01.2011
First of all.... without any questions the Lennon-version is better than Ozzy's... but as the last guy said... Ozzy didn't even try to be better than Lennon... he just made a tribute to an awesome song.
You should go compare it with other Lennon/Beatles-covers like Cocker's "With a little help..." and then I must say... Ozzy's "Woman" isn't the best cover... but still it is very good respective work and unique!
- Carsten , Nohn, Germany, 30.09.2010
Don't just compare the both , Ozzy Osbourne didn't do a cover to say he is better he made it as a tribute.
- Person, San Jose, United States, 20.09.2010
Ozzy reminds me Old Dirty Bastard doing a Elton John song with Macy Gray. Ozzy Osbourne sucks DICKIE!
- Katherine, Fort Worth, United States, 05.09.2010
the lennon 1980 version sounds way better than ozzy's.
- John, New york, United States, 28.03.2007
ozzys version was absolutly awsome, i could listen to it all day!!!
- ozzy, regina, Canada, 25.03.2007
Ozzy Osbourne what were you thinking?
that song sucked and you made it worse!
evil woman - good: woman - bad!

- jim, townsville, Australia, 20.02.2007
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