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In a manner of speaking

Sure, speaking is not easy, nor is singing! But Camille Dalmais... is just awesome! This girl can sing!
Easy listening!

- Maria, Berlin, Germany, 28.01.2006

Nouvelle Vague



CD-Cover: Nouvelle Vague - Nouvelle Vague 50.1 % 49.9 % CD-Cover: Tuxedomoon - Solve et Coagula
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Nouvelle Vague 897 Votes Tuxedomoon

Comments about In a manner of speaking:

I love the Tuxedo Moon version. So rich and haunting. The Nouvelle Vague remake is very thin.
- RB, Chicago, United States, 04.05.2010
Novelle vague definately it for me, but Tuxedomoon definately gets props for the lyrics. Great song.
- Pernicious, Asheville, United States, 27.12.2009
What kind of album of tuxedmoon is the song??? thnx
- peter dont speek english, budapest, Hungary, 25.04.2009
like the nouvelle vague version but i gotta rep tuxedomoon.
- Rusianik Chyd, Scottsdale, United States, 16.12.2008
Either way, an underappreciated song to be sure.
- mk, Burke, United States, 21.05.2007
I have to go with Nouvelle Vague here. It's a beautiful melody that I feel works best over the Bossa Nova feel. She also has a beautiful voice that makes the song.
- Mark V, Chicago, United States, 16.03.2007
The Nouvelle Vague version is good, but the original Tuxedomoon version is best!
- spacemodular, Chicago, United States, 09.03.2007
Not a favourite tux of mine, but give me authenticity any day!
- silent, portugal, Portugal, 09.03.2007
Version on VPRO is good listening too.
- far far away, calif, United States, 08.03.2007
Don't forget the Martin Gore cover from 1989.
- Gary, San Angelo, United States, 09.07.2006
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