Cover vs. Original

Paradise City

The voice is super, but the rap part of the cover is great, too. Both versions are good, but I decide in favour of the original :D .

- Nico, Tja :D, Deutschland, 29.04.2010

Slash feat Fergie & Cypress Hill


Guns n' Roses

CD-Cover: Slash feat Fergie & Cypress Hill - Slash 11.5 % 88.5 % CD-Cover: Guns n' Roses - Appetite for Destruction
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Slash feat Fergie & Cypress Hill 1527 Votes Guns n' Roses

Comments about Paradise City:

original for sure, you just can't beat the Gunners' chemistry at this time period.
- Mitch Hakker, Chatham, Ontario, Canada, 24.02.2011
I will never get the image of Fergie pissing herself on stage out of my head, original for the win.
- Chazz, That, United States, 11.01.2011
I think that Fergie is better than Axl (in this track, Fergie's cover of SCOM at Slash's bday wasn't that great), but Cypress Hill are waaaaay worse. And I think the guitar part is better on Slash's cover, but the drums are less interesting. So, I actually think they're about even.
- George, Reading, England, 21.11.2010
Me likey the vilo
- Brandon Robert Alexander Smith, Ottawa, Canada, 17.11.2010
Black eyed peas are so much betterr
- Garnet Picard Ham, Oshhha, Czech Republic, 03.11.2010
saya lebih menyukai lagu paradise city versi asli tersebut (gnr 1987)di saat axl dan slash beserta kawan nya masih berdiri dengan formasi awal band tersebut.
- qnoy, jakarta, Indonesia, 02.10.2010
no contest
- metalhead4life, rocknroll, United States, 08.08.2010
Sorry, the older songs are much better than today. Guns n' Roses are better.
- Sharlyn, Somewhere, United States, 25.06.2010
Nobody can replace Axl Rose.
- Harry, Green Bay, United States, 18.06.2010
Both are really good but I think I prefer Axel over Fergie,
- Nacho, OverHere=], United States, 21.05.2010
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