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Mr. Tambourine Man

This is a toss-up, but I'll give my vote to the Byrds. Their version rocks -- from the electric guitar intro by Jim McGuinn to his harmonizing with David Crosby. Who cares if the rest of the instruments were played by studio musicians (did you really want Michael Clarke clunky drumming on this one)? Dylan's version is wonderful, too, with perhaps the best vocals he ever recorded and a nice, sweet guitar and harmonica. While the song was already a stand-out, it was the Byrds who moved it to a higher level.

- Rex Chickeneater, Kisumu, Other - Africa, 30.01.2006

The Byrds


Bob Dylan

CD-Cover: The Byrds - Mr. Tambourine Man 42.7 % 57.3 % CD-Cover: Bob Dylan - Bringing it all back home
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Comments about Mr. Tambourine Man:

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Bob Dylan can't sing??? Man you must be puttin me on! And comparing the almost-beach boys-style cover of the Byrds with one of the greatest performances ever is a ridiculous thing to do in the first place...
- Meurglys0, Istanbul, Turkey, 06.05.2008
I voted for the Byrds, but both are great. This was the first great Dylan cover, a complete reinvention of the song, and probably the 2nd best Dylan cover after Hendrix's "All Along the Watchtower."
- Ghostface Killa, New York, United States, 13.07.2007
Dylan is a fabulous songwriter and poet, but he can't sing. David Crosby, in spite of all the abuse he's heaped upon himself, still can.
- Lu, Philly, United States, 22.03.2007
The Byrds are way better than the poet Dylan, much more musical
- Zé, Lisbon, Portugal, 04.02.2007
bob dylan is great!!!!<3
no way the byrds are beter than bob dylan
Peace. M
- Michel_, Winschoten, Netherlands, 26.01.2007
I'm sorry but where Dylan was a breakthrough in music history, a turning point, the Byrds were pretty much the same as any other generic 60's pop band. Not that 60's pop was bad, but I think Dylan needs the props for what he did.
- Elston Gunn, New York, United States, 11.01.2007
Byrds. Harmony. Bob can't sing!
- Todd B., Buffalo,NY, United States, 12.12.2006
The Byrds version is really boring!

Obviously Dylan does this one best.
- Judith, Leiden, Netherlands, 24.11.2006
A tough choice. I agree with Mr. Chickeneater. The Byrds version rocks! Dylan's performance is great, too.
- Dude Jones, New York, United States, 14.02.2006
bobby's performance has more passion in it. the song is long enough that it needs that. as good as the byrds version is, and it is pretty good. it kind of gets boring. there is something more intimate about it when dylan sings it. and it's not exactly an anthem, it's a personal narrative.
- paul, durham, Canada, 14.02.2006
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