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Got to Get You into My Life

Like nearly all Beatles songs 'Got to get you into my life' is also a great song. It was published on the famous Beatles album 'Revolver'.
But Earth Wind & Fire modified this song quite well and created a funky version of this song. Anyway I like the original Beatles version better.

- Michael Müller, Hamburg, Germany, 16.09.2005

Earth Wind & Fire


The Beatles

CD-Cover: Earth Wind & Fire - Greatest Hits 50.3 % 49.7 % CD-Cover: The Beatles - Revolver
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Earth Wind & Fire 801 Votes The Beatles

Comments about Got to Get You into My Life:

I love both versions, but the energy Earth Wind and Fire adds to theirs makes it phenomenal.
- John, Mechanicsburg, United States, 19.02.2011
When Earth Wind And Fire ruined that song my Mom called them Mars, Fart, and Ashes. I wanted to hear the Beatles' version so bad and I put on Revolver! I love Revolver
- Katherine, Fort , United States, 13.02.2011
I like The Beatles while William likes Earth Wind and Fire but EWF never sold a Christmas album
- Katherine, Fort Worth, United States, 04.09.2010
I'm not a Beatles fan, however, i appreciate Earth, Wind & Fire's version of this song more. They're my favorite band because they could take a well played and known song like this one and make it their own. No other remake did that & they were able to fit the remake into an album which included their own incredible songs. This one goes to the Elements!
- Milton, Dallas, United States, 30.09.2009
Although I like The Beatles and what they represent in pop, I have to say that the EWF cover is very wel done. When I discovered it I thought it was absolutely powerful. There are bands that have covered that song in the way EWF did.
- David, Barcelona, Spain, 29.08.2006
I agree, the Beatles was better, but I feel I have to say something for EWF's version. They really add something to the song, and they make it their own.
- neujack, long beach, CA, United States, 04.02.2006
The Beatles is the best one, but #2 is by Cliff Bennett, not EWF.
- Peter Viney, Poole, England, 01.11.2005
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