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Rock the Casbah

Awesome cover of a cool original. Slowed down and smoothed out, one of my favorite covers.

- Tom Collins, Napa, United States, 03.02.2006

Solar Twins


The Clash

CD-Cover: Solar Twins - Solar Twins 22.2 % 77.8 % CD-Cover: The Clash - Combat Rock
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Solar Twins 644 Votes The Clash

Comments about Rock the Casbah:

What the shit have they done to Rock The Cashbah? Fucked it up is what.

Terrible cover.
- Jay, Northampton, England, 03.04.2008
Yeah Rahid's cover is one of the best ever.
- Brews, calgary, Canada, 20.03.2008
nice cover. but can't stand the original. Joe in Heaven
- SaintJohnny, Padova, Italy, 30.12.2007
Trust Company does better cover song justice then solar twins
- Jinsu wuune, Sars land, Hong Kong, 24.07.2007
Shareef don't like this cover. :)
- Timmy Ramone, Dimmsdale, United States, 11.06.2007
Let me just say that i don't like The Clash, but these Solar Twins are absolutely dreadful.
- Kyle, Franklin Grove, United States, 28.12.2006
Check out the version by Rachid Taha
- Paul, Boston, United States, 29.03.2006
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