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Personal Jesus

The Johnny Cash cover is a blues/boogie-woogie version featuring acoustic guitars and piano. Of course everyone knows the Depeche Mode style, I assume.

- Dave, Huntington, WV, United States, 04.02.2006

Johnny Cash


Depeche Mode

CD-Cover: Johnny Cash - American IV: The Man Comes Around 52.7 % 47.3 % CD-Cover: Depeche Mode - Violator
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Johnny Cash 4510 Votes Depeche Mode

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I cannot STAND Johnny Cash. I don't know what everyone's fascination with him is...but he really couldn't sing, and was a mediocre guitar player at best. Gonna go with Depeche Mode.
- Lindsay, Raleigh, United States, 14.03.2011
I think Johnny added a much need FEELING behind the lyrics, it doesn't matter how much you desperately cling to your opinion of Depeche Mode's song and how great it is, you can't beat The Man in Black, one of the greatest musical influences. It's like trying to say that Miley or Beiber are talented people. It just won't happen because it's not true. :D
- Rochelle, Prince George, Canada, 27.10.2010
Both are good. Different styles. It just all depends on what mood you are into at the moment.
- Ken, San Francisco, United States, 17.05.2010
Too close to call this one. Depeche Mode's version was more polished & powerful. But there is something about the rawness of Johnny Cash's version that draws me in. And I like Marilyn Manson's version, too.
- Eric, New Tecumseth, Canada, 10.04.2010
lo mejor del mundo
- roger wars, santiago, Chile, 04.04.2010
Jonny Cash rules! What a stunning guitar!!
- Maciej, Warsaw, Poland, 05.03.2010
Without doubt DEPECHE MODE is better. It's the original and sung the way it was meant to be heard. Hats down to Mr. Cash who really gave it that martyrdom sound but still..
- Shmee, Zrenjanin, Serbia, 28.02.2010
Disagree about Manson - for devotees only. Cash does this like the Hurt cover. Un-friggin-believable. Sometimes it is the years and the miles that combine to allow a singer to get down into the bowels of a song's soul. Nothing againt Depeche, though.
- Phil Jones, Whitehouse, NJ, United States, 20.01.2010
Depeche Mode's version is the only choice. People who favor Johnny Cash's version probably are fans of William Shatners cd's as well.
- tHE B, Romeo, United States, 06.12.2009
ok, i'm a fan of both artist. But what about the manson version? i think manson tops them both :D
- Tricia J, Indianapolis, United States, 31.07.2009
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