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I Have The Touch

Yknow, I just can't blame amyone for wanting to just do this great song right -- but Peter Gabriel already did it. Um ... in his own 1990 remix, that is.

- Seajay, Richmond, United States, 04.02.2006

Heather Nova


Peter Gabriel

CD-Cover: Heather Nova - The Craft: Music From The Motion Picture 39.1 % 60.9 % CD-Cover: Peter Gabriel - Security
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Heather Nova 220 Votes Peter Gabriel

Comments about I Have The Touch:

Although I am a Heather Nova fan, I must agree here with XpPh from Paris.
- Inge, Leiden, Netherlands, 24.11.2010
Both are very nice
I'm typically a fan of originals since I'm a fan of older music in general
But putting that biased aside -
The cover is great and lighter in sound
in comparison the original sounds messier

in candy bar terms: milkyway vs snickers
they are both good it just all depends on one's preferences
- Candice, VA, United States, 15.10.2009
Heather... please stop singing !!!!
- XpPh, Paris, France, 03.07.2009
Heather Nova version is just awful, awful, awful
- LF, London, England, 19.03.2008
The Heather Nova version is superior in every aspect in my opinion. Better vocals (personal opinion), brilliant production. It has such a bright and uplifting vibe to it compared to the original. The musical instruments in Heathers version have a cleaner decisiveness and the music takes more direction than Gabriels original version. Peter Gabriel’s original sounds dizzy and distorted in comparison. I thought it was a nice touch how she used the tune at the end of the original (when Gabriel sings “I need contact” 4:13 into the song) earlier in the song as well, it gave the song a chance to breath instead of rushing straight into the next verse like in the original.
I think anyone with a neutral approach to the song would agree Heathers version is better, but it’s completely understandable that people will stay loyal and vote for the original.

- Chris, south shields, England, 17.03.2007
I agree with the other comment. Gabriel achieved perfection in the version that appeared on the Phenomenon soundtrack. No need to ever do this one again.

- Arnold, Baltimore, United States, 11.08.2006
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