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Take it to the Limit

I've got to go with Etta on this one, but I admit that it's only because I know the Eagles version that I can appreciate what Etta does with it.

- Jeremy, Ann Arbor, MI, United States, 04.02.2006

Etta James



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Comments about Take it to the Limit:

I grew up loving the Eagles, but Etta James makes you feel what that song is all about. You can relate to it and remeber that man you thought loved you but never knew. It is my life in a nutshell, but only when she sings it
- Tammy Elliott, South Hackensack, United States, 18.01.2011
If you vote for the eagles it is only because you haven't heard Etta. Seriously the eagles should just give her this song.
- Derrick , Tempe , United States, 17.08.2010
I first heard Etta James sing this song at a Bread & Roses at the Greek Theatre, in the early 1990s. I was astounded. It was as if the song had been written for her from the beginning. Her version of this song had such raw honesty to it as she sung out "when you're looking for your freedom, nobody seems to care, and you can't find the door..and there's nothing to believe in.."

The fact that Etta James can sing this so strongly and really own it is itself a tribute to the depth and strength of the writing in songs coming from the Eagles. It's a tribute they probably rarely get, but richly deserve.
- Rich Katz, Berkeley, United States, 06.11.2009
I grew up listening to the Eagles version. It was a song I loved since I first heard. It is now an Etta James song. She wrung it dry of every possible bit of emotion. Audible honey.
- James, Escondido, United States, 01.12.2008
if don henley sang it and not Randy Meisner the Eagles would be better
- Harvey, riichmond, United States, 28.08.2008
I work at a bar, and recently played this song to close out the evening. There were only a few of us there, but everyone became quiet listening to her. That's the mark of an artist who feels it. My one friend, a piano player, had the best comment. He pictured the Eagles hearing Etta James version for the first time, and saying: "Yeah, we can't do that song anymore."
- John, Chicago, United States, 02.05.2008
I heard Ms. James' version first, then the Eagles. Hands down, Ella brings the pain, the emotion, the LIFE out of this song.
- Faith, Orlando, United States, 10.04.2008
The live version of this song from Etta's "Live in San Francisco" album is superior to both songs listed here. You'll also find the superlative version of At Last on the same CD. I've been trying to figure out where in SF it was recorded - no matter what - give it a listen.
- Theo, Chicago, United States, 13.02.2007
just stumbled on the etta james version on, the listener sponsored jazz station of the bay area during a fund drive.

it was great, and what i've been complaining about recently -- not enough rock songs being interpreted by jazz musicians. ok, so she's more blues and soul than jazz, but i heard it on a jazz station.

she took a classic rock song and made it soul and blues, and blues and soul, and her own. if i didn't know about the eagles' version, i would have thought it came out of a speak-easy during prohibition. excellent!

- julie, oakland, United States, 25.01.2007
there are few covers which exceed the ability of an original to touch the listener. Etta James's soulful rendition truly takes it to the limit going far beyond the lyrical and musical perfection of the Eagles to a transendent experience.
- steve applebaum, chicago, United States, 29.06.2006
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